Outwit Your Opponent With the Top 10 Best Strategy Games

Outwit Your Opponent With the Top 10 Best Strategy Games

Video games often get a bad rap. But, playing video games can actually benefit your mind!

Video game research reveals that playing actually changes the structure and function in the brain. Though it can create negative effects, for instance when choosing to play realistic and overly violent video games, choosing to play the right type of games can actually improve your memory and protect your brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Video games may also treat depression and improve mood.

To reap all of the benefits involved in gaming, you need to play the best strategy games available on the web!

10 Best Strategy Games to Improve Your Mind

Reap all the benefits of your favorite pass time. Keep reading to learn the best games to play online.

  1. Summoners War

You may raise an eyebrow that we said research shows that violent games can create negative game changes and then suggest a war game first, However, visit the Unofficial Summoners War Website to see that this game involves more strategy and less gore.

Summoners war brings you into a fantastic world, with magic, maps, mysterious realms and monsters to awaken. You enter this realm with players from all over the world and battle with your summoned monsters for your stake in it. This game continues to make the top ten list as players love the unique strategizing and cool storyline making it one of the best war strategy games in the world.

  1. Civilization VI

This game won an award for the best strategy game due to the intricate decision making it provides for the player. Gamers work to achieve world power against both computer and human adversaries, using their cultural influence, technological advancements, and military power.

Developing their power involves exploration, discovery, research, strategic military maneuvers, trade, and negotiations with other powers. This game also generates unique maps for each campaign. Meaning you will never encounter the same exact experience twice.

  1. Stellaris

Do you ever feel like leaving the world behind and starting over? Dive into Stellaris to do just this!

This game requires strategy to traverse new worlds with numerous alien races and an emanating storyline. You get to choose how involved you want to be in your empire with the option to acquire something pre-made or build your own.

The details will leave you in awe, feeling as if you really took on this space exploration. Many factors will determine whether or not your colonies survive, keeping you constantly thinking.

  1. Spellforce 3

If you want to roleplay and strategize inside a fantasy world, definitely check out Spellforce 3. Similar to the tabletop Dungeons and Dragons game, you can:

  • gather material
  • use maps to construct strongholds
  • collect items that will increase your abilities

In each campaign, you follow a multifaceted storyline, that will take you in different directions based on your decisions. Each character you encounter can off you a different opportunity, depending on how you choose to proceed with them.

  1. Europa Universalis IV

This video game allows you the opportunity to strategize your way out of the dark ages. You control your nation through colonization, economics, administrative decisions, trade negotiations, diplomacy, and strategic warfare.

It offers you a bit of real Earth history, as real events from that period shape the game. Players love the sandbox environment where no set strategy determines whether or not you will “win”. Rather, you make decisions that unfold your fate, determined by many factors including other players’ empires.

  1. Stronghold Crusader II

Travel back to the medieval period, full of castles and adventures. Players choose between an Arabic campaign or one of a crusader.

With this generation, you will enjoy a more mission-based focus than in the past. It takes away from the storyline but adds to your opportunities for strategizing. Play alone or take on missions with your friends.

  1. Ashes of the Singularity

If you enjoy the idea of interstellar battle and real-time strategy, then you will love the Ashes of the Singularity. This epic game offers revolutionary play where you choose your alliance from several choices, conquer unique worlds, build diverse armies, and battle other factions on an epic scale!

The graphics will blow your mind. But more impressive is the options available to you. You truly control your stake in this epic war, making it one of the best strategy war games.

  1. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS

Watch for one of the best strategy war games, expected to release for public play on May 23, 2019. Set in 190AD, your goal will be to eliminate other factions and unify China to become its ultimate ruler.

After choosing from two modes, you choose to rule one of the eleven factions for the epic battles ahead. The game offers turn-based strategy and real-time tactics to keep you fully invested.

  1. The Settlers 

You may or may not remember this old school Windows game from 1993. Twenty-five years later, the developers decided to bring it back with both nostalgic elements and better technology.

Players will enjoy familiar build and basher mechanics from the original game, with upgrades to some of the mechanisms that begged for improvement, like increased challenges.

Join in on the quest to solve an ancient mystery and establishing a new home for your people. You will love the world with improved graphics and new elements for strategizing. Keep watching for the release of this must-play strategy game!

  1. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is another one of the most anticipated strategy games for this year. Expected to release this month, the game offers a unique setting for strategizing.

Many of these games fall into familiar medieval or interstellar realms. This game brings you to the Caribean for you to customize and control tropical islands. You will build, expand, and manage your communities, competing against other dictators, trying to keep your power with economic and political decisions.

Expand Your Mind with the Best Strategy Games

Playing video games allows you to escape the real world for a while and play a powerful role that allows you to see the impact of your decisions immediately. Plus, the research shows that it improves your mind!

Check out these best strategy games to improve your memory and mood. First, get tech-savvy and check out our mobile tips!

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