10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application

Are you running a business? Yes!!! Hope you’re generating huge traffic and ROI. Do you have a mobile application? Thinking that mobile application is only for big brands like Amazon and Flipkart, then you’re moving in the wrong direction. It’s time to change your track by introducing a mobile application for your business.

The key feature of modern business is being “Multi-Channel”. Staying connected with your customers on every channel is the best strategy to grow your business. The channel can be a website, mobile applications, social media, guest posting, blogging and press release. Among all channels, mobile applications are considered as one of the effective approaches to stay connected with your target audience.

Almost everyone in the world uses a mobile phone and therefore the market has continuously improved on mobile applications. Creating and testing a mobile application can be a daunting task for non-technical persons. Therefore there are few mobile application development websites are introduced to make the work easy for non-technical users. Among all mobile application development services, Geneca is one of the best company that offers inventive mobile solutions for businesses.   

If you’re still thinking, whether to create a mobile application or not? Stick here, following are the key advantages that a mobile application can provide for your organization.

Boost traffic and revenue

Want to drive maximum sales? Creating a mobile app is the best way for you. As per the analysis, Google Play and App Store revenue have grown over 20.2%. Sounds amazing right!!! As mobile users are increasing day by day. Customers are looking for the best user experience. They are checking the businesses on their Google and App stores. Placing their orders at their fingertips.

If you’re a newbie, you can generate revenue by implementing advertisements to monetize application and earn money in a quick way. The other approach is by displaying other banners inside your mobile application and get paid from them. Revenue will be incremented whenever a banner ad gets clicked by a user.

Increase visibility

Hope you all are aware that smartphone is the upcoming future. As per the analysis, 35% of adults in America own a mobile phone, and that numeric value is on the rise. Besides, American customers are spending an average of 5 hours per day on the browsing news feed on social media, purchasing the products from mobile apps and more.

It’s no secret that the Google Play Store and App Store are receiving millions of hits every day. Increasing visibility is a crucial process for every business. Optimise your mobile app according to SEO guidelines and improve visibility. Bottom line, your consumers feel more comfortable to search for your products or services on mobile devices.

Customers prefer mobile

Mobile-first or desktop first? What would you prefer? Of course mobile right. Because of the increasing availability of smartphone at a low price and cheaper data packs. It’s a fact that people will obviously rely on the person who has mobile data on their mobiles. Business can also smell the same and hence, every mobile application created by business is making a fortune to get connected with their customers.

Customer prefers mobile rather than desktop. User can shop from anywhere and anytime. Browsing the products and services make a customer more comfortable than searching the things on the desktop. Don’t forget to optimize  your device as user experience is the core purpose while creating a mobile application.

Improve engagement

Customers don’t like to wait for a long time, be it can booking a bus ticket or accessing products on an e-commerce website. Customer doesn’t encourage the business that has a poor user experience. In order to make your customers happy, start providing a fast approach to access your products. Some customer’s looks for contact information, make sure to provide contact information everywhere – website, email, SMS and social media. Build a mobile app for your customers and place everything (products, services, contact information, upcoming information) in front of them. It’s a great approach to provide effective customer service and a great opportunity to get connected with your target audience.

Gain customer insights

Identifying and understanding your customer’s requirement and desire is the primary thing to consider while creating your products or services. Customer insights will help you out. A mobile application can provide you with customer insights. Sounds interesting right!!! These insights can interpret ongoing trends in the customer’s behaviour, as a result by observing the customer behaviour, a business entrepreneur can improve products or services to increase sales.

Besides using customers insights marketers can make predictions. However, when you use customer insights in a proper way, customers can get products or services that meet their requirements.

Better user experience

User experience is often referred to as UX. It involves almost everything that can range from design to loading time. In technical methodology, user experience is a valuable and practical feature of human-machine interaction.

The ultimate goal for UX designer is to address the feel of a product or service for a group of users. Therefore, the designer will come up with various ideas to provide the best solution. So it is important to design a mobile app with the best user experience i.e user-friendly and straightforward.

Mobile applications are easier to navigate when compared to websites. Customers show more attention towards the mobile application that makes their search and shopping easier. 

Showcase your products

What can be the perfect approach to promote your products? The answer is simple. Create a page and showcase your products. If you’re running an e-commerce portal, then you can create multiple pages. Showcase the product with respect to the category. The common categories can be fashion, mobiles, laptops, furniture and more.

By differentiating products according to categories can make customers easy to search and browse the products from the convenience. A powerful mobile app can simplify the customers shopping experience. Also, make it effective to view your products or services.

Push notifications

Have you created a mobile application for your business? Then, it’s time to know about “Push Notification”. Push notification can be about an on-going sale, new product launch, coupons and discount sale. These notifications can make your banner advertisements visible and relevant.

Push notifications are an effective marketing channel for businesses with a mobile application. Because these notifications can help you get connected with your audience. Push notification doesn’t require to send a text message for activation. Users can opt-in or opt-out features to turn on or off your push notification. These notifications are best because the audience knows exactly who and where it’s actually coming from.

Boost your website traffic

As mentioned earlier, the Google Play Store and App Store receive millions of new visitors daily. If you want to boost website traffic, then start optimising your mobile application. Also, it’s the best way to get backlinks from popular sites.

Collect the niche keywords using keyword searching tools. Select and place the right keywords with the right frequency. Therefore, you can earn more visibility and also potential exposure.

Customer loyalty growth

Earning customer loyalty is important. A mobile app can enable customers to order mouth-watering food, purchase fashion goods and pay bills in an easy manner. Nowadays businesses are creating a mobile application to increase customer loyalty. Want to earn more customers? Start integrating loyalty programs. Customers get attracted towards loyalty programs such as coupons, discounts, sales, rewards and bonus points. Create a loyalty program that is exclusively for mobile app users.

Final Thoughts

Do you know, over one million users are coming online for the first time every day? Yes, everyone has their personal reason to access the internet, some people use social media profiles and few uses for business purposes. Mobile apps for companies can provide various advantages to almost any industry. Creating a mobile application can perfectly assist in achieving company goals.


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