10 Useful Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips to make Its Use Better and Easier

10 Useful Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips to make Its Use Better and Easier

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings a range outstanding features that was never been expected by the users, it is completely new for the regular android users. Different companies’ smartphones and tablets are coming up with the latest Google’s OS, in order to use this new operating system you must be aware with its use. Here are some of the useful android 5.0 lollypop tips to use it in a better way. The developers has made the OS easier to use for the new users, simply follow the given general trick and get your work done on your new android device having Android 5.0 Lollipop.



1. Tap to wake

This feature looks awesome to me, now you don’t need to reach to the power button to on your phone’s screen simply double tap your screen and it wakes up, however, your device hardware must support this feature.

2. Customize Google Now

Go to settings appears in search bar some of the content appears you want to see including change the settings or you can choose place reminders option.

3. Search settings

Lollipop allowed you sufficient features to search your desired thing, simply open the settings menu and go to magnifying glass simply type your desired things and get all of related on your screen.

4. Stop adding new app icons to home screen

You are installing new apps on your phone but don’t want their icons on the homescreen simply go to Play Store >> Settings and uncheck the box your work don.

5. Add other email services to Gmail

This is awesome feature for the business users, Lollipop allow you to add Yahoo or Hotmail services to Gmail. To get this feature tap on the icon scroll and go to Settings >> Add account and add your desired email account to your Gmail.

6. Attach anything to Gmail

It would not be new for you but it brings some advanced features this time, simply use an attachment button and share your data on Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

7. Play Flappy Android

To play Flappy Bird on your Android phone go to Settings >> About Phone/Tablet >> Android Version. Keep tapping on the Android version until it changes to the Lollipop screen style, once the Lollipop wording visibility press and hold it. It will switch you to the Flappy Android Game, now enjoy it.

8. Turn on 5.1 surround sound

If you are a movies lovers it supports 5.1 soundtracks to enjoy the better sound quality, go to settings >> enable sound and take a look of demo clip to check your settings.

9. Set a metered Wi-Fi network

Go to Settings >> Data Usage, select Network Restrictions, set a Wi-Fi as metered, this way you can limit background data and always show you warning when you try to download large size files, Lollipop also brings perfect for tethering or Mi-Fi hotspots.

10. Turn off backgrounds in Calendar

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings an option to disappear the colander in backgrounds, to do this go to settings and tap the slide to turn it off.


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