2 apps essential for mobile FX trading

2 apps essential for mobile FX trading

Trading on the go is one of the most important skills that a modern trader should have. With all of the participation and market noise these days, it’s never a guarantee on when and where the market will take a sudden turn for the worse or for the better.

Therefore, it is in the absolute interest of an investor to always be next to a trading station in order to react to these changes as fast as possible. Thanks to this desperate need in the 21st century, things like mobile trading apps have become one of the essential tools to own as a modern trader.

However, which tool exactly is the best choice is up for debate and quite subjective. After years of experience and usage, there have been some minor agreements on the perfect tools, but we’re going to talk about just two of them in this case. The first type will be trading software, while the other will be a charting software.


Judging by the remarks of the founders of FXTM, one of the largest forex brokerages in the world, MetaTrader is THE software to own as a trader. It is supported by almost every single FX company in the world and has already engraved itself in “modern trading culture”. It may look rustic and ancient on the surface, but it has every single tool or option needed to land a profitable trader.

If you read more on FXTM review you’ll find out that MetaTrader is the go-to software due to how much it can be customized by the average trader. Things like personalized tools and newly developed features are more than welcome on MT4 and MT5.

MetaTrader is also one of the few trading software options that directly support mobile devices as an effort to cover as much of the market as possible.


TradingView is more of a supporting tool for the average trader rather than an absolute necessity. It’s just a better charting tool than what other trading mobile apps can offer. If you visit 55brokers for more information, you’ll find out that It also doubles as a social media for traders where strategies, failures, and successes can be shared among both beginners and veterans.

The platform provides any and every tool and indicator is known to the market, thus giving more and more people reason to go to the platform. The only real setback that this application has is that it’s not a trading app. This means that once you have done all of your research and market testing, it’s up to you to manually take this strategy and transfer it over to your trading app.

Traders have already started requesting the developers of these apps to collaborate at least in this sense and create a feature that could directly link the research done on one of them, and the actual trade placement on the other.

Before that happens, however, it’s up to the trader.


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