3 Best Android Music Apps for Great Entertainment Experience on your Phone

3 Best Android Music Apps for Great Entertainment Experience on your Phone

Music remains an important part of entertainment in each era once we were able to listen it on graham phones then radio and tape recorders, then it converts to the television and now computer and our smartphones are the major sources to enjoy the ride with music. But what makes your work easier using android phone to give you more enjoyment while listing your favorite music.

Android phones are all about installing your desired apps that make your work easier to perform any task, in the same way Google Play brings a huge collection of music apps for your phone or tablet. Here I collected some of the best music android apps that you may install and get your work done. It was difficult to choose the best music-related app from the crowd but hopefully you will like the collection.


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Once you install DoubleTwist the app would become your favorite as which have deep roots iTunes ecosystem. It helps you to sync your best music between iTunes and Android that would be a great experience for you if you were a user of iOS and now using Android OS. The basic features of this app are free to install but if you thinking about using in advanced mode you would have to pay a little amount. They are offering a lot of great music features, like equalizer, high-quality album artwork, what’s coming up next list and support for an entire group of dissimilar audio arrangements. This app allows you to send music to your Apple TV and sync your phone with iTunes library.

Google Play Music

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This app is not just a music player to have on your android phone. Might be this app would not be perfect for you to customize your music library, have something extra that other apps don’t have. It offers an online music cloud library for your own music. The cloud storage will help you to keep your music collection same no matter which android device you have. As this app is officially created by Google so, it is completely integrated with your android phone. The new KitKat version is perfectly fit for this app. And the good news is the app is totally free to download.

Equalizer Booster

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The biggest clue to know about this game is it’s name “Equalizer+” that brings something extra with a basic equalizer. The app is pretty decent equalizer as compared to other mentioned apps. The biggest advantage of having this app to control all the great music collection that allows you to control all the song’s music with the way you want. The app offers 5-band equalizer with presets, contextual search, a visualizer and bass booster that usually appear on the 2nd screen. The basic features of the app are free to install but if you are looking for something extra you may pay some amount for it.


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