3 Best Samsung Wearable Gadgets keep you in-touch with your Large Screen Devices

3 Best Samsung Wearable Gadgets keep you in-touch with your Large Screen Devices

Samsung has largest market share in Android marketplace so they are just looking to keep their position on top with some different kind of devices and stepped in the wearable gadgets like smartwatches. The under given Samsung wearable gadgets would be inspiring and useful for you in order to keep connected with your Samsung android smartphone/tablet when you don’t have them on your hands. Its time to pick your favorite device, connect with the Samsung tablet/smartphone and get an extraordinary use of any android gadget.






Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S is a great looking wearable gadget, but it is larger in size. The AMOLED screen of Gear S is one of my favorite features of this wearable gadget and you will also like a new OS Tizen in this device that runs surprisingly very well. The company recently launched a new phone Samsung Z1 with the same Operating System Tizen, because of this new OS the apps are limited at the moment.

Best Samsung Wearable Gadgets

So you would need a compatible Samsung device to use this smartwatch, it comes with great calling and texting features but it costs high. You may get this Samsung watch with new OS for $350. The compatible Samsung devices cost near about $850 with some extra data fee like Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you would not buy the data plan you have to face huge uncomfortability using this Smartwach. So, Samsung Gear S is going to be a great wearable for you, if you are ready to pay the high price.

Samsung Gear Live

Samsung hit the wearable gadgets market with a great design when they come up with the Samsung Gear Live, and the features of this Smartwatch are enough, it is our favorite Android wearable gadget. Samsung gave it a try to make it better than the LG G Watch. This gadget is perfect for all of us with 1.63-inch Super AMOLED screen having 320×320 resolutions.

Best Samsung Wearable Gadgets

Google notifications made this device worthable over non-Android wearable gadgets. This device makes them out the other devices like Motorola and LG’s circular. We all know Samsung always make something extraordinary to compete the others as well as its own previously released products.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Great Fit has similar features like Gear S, which required a compatible Samsung smartphone to use, but it has 10 devices that are easily compatible with this device including Galaxy S5. But if you are a user of cheap Samsung device you would not be able to use this smartwatch. This is another Samsung’s larger screen wearable gadget with 1.85-inch Super AMOLED screen.

Best Samsung Wearable Gadgets

If you are looking for some great features like your Samsung smartphone it would not be a complete package for you, it is currently running less apps but included a useful sole exercise app. It is near about under $200 and has less cost as compared to other Samsung wearable gadgets and will be a best device for fitness tracker.


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