3 iPhone X Rumors That Could Stand the Test of Time

3 iPhone X Rumors That Could Stand the Test of Time

Go cheap or go big – that’s the quagmire Apple faces in the build-up to the release of the much-awaited latest version of iPhone X. And with the price tag of iPhone X hitting the $1,000-mark, Apple has been getting an influx of mixed feeling and signals from their iPhone fans across the world.

The first iPhone X version was unveiled in September last year and released later in November. At 77.3 million units, the sales of iPhone X so far have been a little disappointing when compared to last year’s. Of course, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 were truly revolutionary. You can still snap up one for a sinfully low price online. The good news is that you can now unlock iPhone 7, 8, X, and even earlier versions without much hassle.

There’s no question that iPhone X remains at the zenith of the smartphone market, even with big boys like Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9+ eating into its share. Sure, you can now unlock iPhone X, but you might want to wait for its successor – the 2018 variant of iPhone X which is set to be released sometime in September. It promises to be faster, better, and probably larger than its predecessor. Oh, don’t forget that it’ll probably run the spanking new iOS 12.

As with any new Apple product, the rumor mills are running at full throttle, with several iPhone X leaks and rumors being churned out on nearly a daily basis. Some claim the new iPhone X will come with a deep price cut, while others are inclined towards a larger display. So, which 2018 iPhone X rumors are more likely to be true?

Herein, we take a look at three rumors about the 2018 version of iPhone X that could actually come to pass.

(1) A Larger iPhone X Is on the Way

First and foremost, the rumors claim that the larger version will be called iPhone XS, iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2, and not iPhone 9 as suggested by rumor-based tabloids earlier in the year. The rumor is in line with earlier reports that Apple intends to do away with numbers altogether in their iPhone naming nomenclature.

There are also rumors that the bump in screen size will go alongside cliché upgrades like new colors, build materials, higher screen res, increase in processing speeds, extended battery life, and other tweaks under the hood. If you are interested in a tried-and-true iPhone X, you can now get it for around $945 (unlocked) or under $200 for a carrier-sold version. The latter makes more sense because you can always unlock iPhone X without spending oodles of cash.

(2) Apple to Slash Production of iPhone X

Another solid rumor making rounds online is that Apple plans to slash production of iPhone X from earlier planned 40 million units to about 20 million. That in and of itself isn’t surprising at all. Despite making record profits and raking in curtain-raising revenues in the 4th quarter of last year, there are persistent rumors that iPhone X sales were significantly low during the holiday season. Also, Apple’s move could be in response to a survey which revealed that consumers willing to buy iPhone X dropped from 43 percent to 37 percent.

There’s also the fact that people are now buying older iPhones. Even better, you can unlock iPhone for free or for a small fee and make huge savings.

(3) Apple with Go Cheap

That’s right; there are rumors that the upcoming iPhone X will be reasonably cheaper. Of course, it is no secret that iPhone X price was a big turnoff for many would-be buyers. It was a little disappointing that you can get top-tier smartphones with better features at a cheaper price than iPhone X. For instance, you can get a 64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a 6.3-inch AMOLED display and 6GB of RAM for under $950. Nonetheless, you can unlock iPhone X and get a bang for your bucks!



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