3 Pieces of Tracking Software That Frustrate Employees

3 Pieces of Tracking Software That Frustrate Employees

An employee is an asset of the company and they use to invest a handsome amount of their budget on his training and development. Good employers take good care of their deserving employees. Now the question is that how the employer would come to know that which employee is performing better than his colleague. In the past, there was nothing to measure except to have a physical check on the employee but what about staff working on remote location? All these questions have answers now.

There are various tracking solutions available in the market to let staff be aware that their performance is being monitored by the management. Each and every move on the system is recorded and kept a record for their appraisal. According to Psychology Today, an employee would work better if he is aware that his results are accumulated with the management and his appraisal will be based on his performance throughout the year. So he will not spare any effort to improve his efficiency and get maximum reward from the management at financial year-end.

It’s a threat for non-performing staff but by the same time, it’s an opportunity for good performers. They don’t need to justify their performance to anyone. No need to polish his supervisor to justify his performance to the management. Simply work harder to get better rewarded. Keeping in mind the privacy limitations, there are so many competitors in the market to design customized solutions as per your requirement. Various components are there to be taken care while designing software for employee monitoring but following three basic points has to be taken care to design the best solution for your company.

  1. Surveillance to record everything on screen
  2. Web Usage Control to block access to social media platforms
  3. Work Time Tracking to track active time on applications

Reporting pack to provide you complete information what your staff was doing throughout the day operation would force your staff to stay attentive and active during working hours. Company will definitely be going to save thousands in terms of staff expense. This employee monitoring software is very attractive solutions for multinational organizations. The reason behind is that corporate office can’t manage the expense of big audit team with travel expense to monitor the performance of remote location branch staff. So they will be going to buy this monitoring software to control their staff in the best possible way.

Employee monitoring software allows management to control web usage of the staff. Unlike before when staff was spending more time on social media, now they will be monitored in a live manner. Management can simply block all these social platforms with the help of this software. Also, human resources department keep maintaining records of all these staff members those were claiming for higher increments with low performance.

It’s on your call that you want to grow with the market standards or still want to remain with the traditional approach of staff controlling. Early adopters are always the one to get the best use of technology. Make this good call today and save a huge amount of expense budget on your staff cost from today onward.


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