4 Reasons Why Your Business Smartphone Needs Managed IT Services

4 Reasons Why Your Business Smartphone Needs Managed IT Services

Even though you may have some kind of anti-virus on your smartphone, that isn’t enough – especially if you use your phone for business. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider looking into adding your phone to your business’ managed IT services plan, if you can.

With the average company spending around 5% of their annual budget on IT staff, even slight changes to this figure can add up. If you’re not prepared to train, hire, and support a fully fledged IT staff, you might think you have no choice but to leave your phone vulnerable.

Rather than leave your company’s smartphone security up to chance, managed IT services can make sure you’re up to date and prepared.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get managed IT services for your company smartphones.

1. Get Tech When it’s Released

When you’re running a small business, your IT staff is often overburdened, if you have an IT staff at all. While your employees will have the skills and training you need to get the job done, they don’t necessarily have what you need for your business phone. If they can’t get what you need to be done on time, it’s time to turn to managed IT services.

Outsourcing your IT needs can give you the help of having a second set of eyes on your issues, but they’ll also be able to clue you in when it’s time for new tech. If you’re struggling to make two pieces of technology interact or you’re using something that’s outdated, they might have the fix for you.

They could offer you an early release or a beta version of one piece of technology that does everything, long before your staff has access to it.

Your managed IT services can help you manage issues as they arise with new technology and offer you solutions that fit your industry. While your IT staff might have solutions they use at home or in their personal life, they may not know what can scale to your company.

Since yours probably isn’t the only mobile device your company uses, managed IT services can suggest enterprise level solutions to keep you chugging along.

2. Cost Savings

Your IT budget is probably loaded with too many items. At times you might even call it bloated with the many hardware, software, and network infrastructure costs you’re dealing with. On top of everything, you’ll have maintenance costs for your servers, computers, and mobile devices which could be dragging you down.

Along with everything, you’ll have labor costs to manage. Those can be a big chunk of your costs.

If you don’t fall into the category of companies who have staff dedicated to managing your IT department, you’re going to worry about falling behind. Small businesses that can’t afford this kind of staff aren’t necessarily going to end up falling behind if they know when to outsource. If you hire managed IT services for your smartphones, you can stay productive and up to date without overpaying for staff.

Managed service providers often give you the option to pay for your tech a la carte. You can explain to them what you need, what your budget is, and how often you need that help. They can give you an estimate of what you should expect to pay each month. When you can better predict your IT costs from month to month, you can make better business decisions.

3. Be More Secure

With the average company data breach now brushing up against the $4 million mark, it’s essential for the future of your company to take security seriously. Cybersecurity is probably the biggest issue for every company using any applications, mobile devices, or security systems. There are so many potential vulnerabilities for you and your company that you need to prepare for all of them.

Since any device that transmits data could be \vulnerable to attack, you need to prepare.

Data loss can cause customers to abandon your company, your reputation to be damaged, and for you to suffer lawsuits. Prospective clients will hear about your problems and will avoid you like the plague.

If you get a bad reputation from clients or former clients, you could be suffering profit losses for years to come.

Since you likely aren’t an expert in cybersecurity, you could benefit from managed IT services.

Your customers deserve for your emails and texts exchanged to be private. You need to know that every transaction you make while on the go is protected. You don’t have the time to learn the ropes and implement all the necessary measures without the help of a managed IT service provider like Paranet Solutions.

4. Have Peace of Mind

Worrying about your daily IT operations in a pain in the neck when you’ve got to worry about profits, your clients, and your inventory. There aren’t enough hours in the day to worry about everything that your company needs to survive.

Rather than to implement a strategy on your own and worry about whether or not it’s reliable and fast, working with managed IT services will give you peace of mind. Given that they don’t need to commute into your office when there’s a problem, you’ll have help 24 hours a day to ensure that you’re covered.

Managed IT services can predict potential threats and vulnerabilities. They can save you time and money by giving you an action plan as soon as issues arise. RAther than troubleshooting after a client has a complaint, you can fix issues before your clients have any clue.

Phone backups will be set up, updates will be implemented, and an action plan can be created, all without disrupting any of your day to day workflow.

Managed IT Services are Well Worth It

The cost of managed IT services is in no way comparable to the cost of losing your data. If your company’s smartphones end up being compromised, you don’t know what kinds of company secrets or hard-won clients you could be giving up. Rather than allow that to happen, hire managed IT services for your company, no matter your size.

If you’re looking to organize your company’s tech a little better, check out our guide for tips.



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