4 Things a VoIP Can Do for Your Small Business

4 Things a VoIP Can Do for Your Small Business

Small businesses are always trying to get the most functionality for the best price. When you’re facing up against multi-million dollar companies, you need to find a way to provide high-quality service on your small business’s budget. One of the ways in which your small business can cut back on cost is by looking your phone service. A VoIP may be the perfect way to maximize your small business’s functionality while minimizing cost. Here are four things a VoIP can do to benefit your business.

1. Save You Money

The first thing a VoIP can do is save you money. That’s because overall, a VoIP is typically the cheapest of any phone service options. In fact, you could save up to 76% over a landline PBX per year, depending on the VoIP provider you choose.

If you decide to go with Ooma Office, it could amaze you how much your small business is able to save. A business with 15 employees could save over $11,000 per year by switching to Ooma. The cost payoff is definitely enough for many business owners to make the switch.

2. Maximize Your Workplace Connectivity

It’s important that your employees are able to connect with your clients whenever they need it. Landlines have a huge problem with workplace connectivity; if you’re not literally at your desk, you won’t be able to take calls from clients. Mobile phones also have issues with connectivity, as employees either have to carry around a second work phone or give out personal phone numbers.

When you utilize a VoIP, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your employees will be connected to your clients. Employees can take calls at their desk using a desk phone, then take work calls on the go using the mobile app. It’s a simple way to get around the problems that both options have.

3. Make Your Phone Services Easier to Use

Ease of use is an extremely important part of managing your phone services. Landlines are notoriously difficult to use for your company, as they require that you set up desk phones in very specific places. Cell phones can be equally difficult to use, albeit for the opposite side; your employees might not be able to transfer customers, requiring that customers call back to reach other people.

However, ease of use is a benefit of VoIP for both employees and customers. Employees can benefit from the ease of use that allows you to put desk phones anywhere and access your phone services on the go. Customers can benefit from the ease of use that allows them to rely on your company’s expertise.

4. Add a Layer of Professionalism

There are many optional services that some VoIP providers offer to businesses. These services add a layer of professionalism to your phone services, and some of them may even be free when you sign up for an account:

  • Toll-free number
  • Virtual Receptionist for automated call routing
  • Conference bridge
  • Main business number
  • Unique number for each user
  • Electronic fax

Making Sure You Get the Best VoIP

When you choose a VoIP, it’s important that you get the best VoIP available. How do you make sure you’re choosing a good VoIP? Awards from well-respected publications are one option. PC Magazine’s Business Choice Awards has named Ooma Office the #1 VoIP service for seven years running. That’s because it excels in areas like overall satisfaction, call quality, and likelihood to recommend. Getting the best VoIP will help put your company ahead, so make sure it’s a priority.



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