5 Best Google Maps Alternatives for Android Phones

5 Best Google Maps Alternatives for Android Phones

Google Maps is one of the most popular android map apps and it is giving a huge using experience to its user, here I collected some of the useful but Google maps alternative for your android phones. There are several extra features are the part of these apps that you would not be able to use in Google Maps.





here maps from nokia


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Nokia’s HERE Maps would be your best alternative of Google Maps for your android phone. It comes with the highly detailed maps that will rival and help you to away from Google’s depending. Here App will allow you to download complete maps of whole country. It will help you to use the maps when you are not connected to the internet. The new Here Maps beta version is extremely satisfied for the android phones.

best android maps

2. Scout GPS

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Scout GPS would be interesting map android app that offers mapping and social integration at one place. They allow you to use maps, chat and meetup facilities on a single installation. Scot GPS gives you OpenStreetMap maps with traffic, you can easily find your interested points and find the perfect parking location. With this android map app you will be connected with your friends to find each other. In order to use this feature you have to keep connected with the app when you about to arrival at your desired place.

best android mapping app

3. Waze

Free Download

Waze currently owned by Google so it is not much more different from Google Maps as they it has some of its features integrated, the original Waze app is still downloading by several android users from Google Play Store. People are actually relying on the information provided by the Waze app. It helps you to give you information about the gas stations that contains prices, food, rest stops, slow-downs, construction, accidents and police activity on your rotes. A large number of people are happy with the integration of Waze with the Google Maps that gives them an extraordinary using experience with lots of advanced features.

new style map for andorid

4. GPS Navigation

Free Download

Sygic Maps would be good alternative of Google Maps for android phone the app is powered by TomTom having dozens of features are actually looking for. This app give you the complete offline mapping usage experience and points of interest from TripAdvisor, lane guidance, parking spot suggestions, speed limit warnings and voice guidance when you are deriving. The basic features of Sygic Maps are free to use but you would have to purchase it to use in advanced mode.

best map android app

5. MapQuest GPS

Free Download

MapQuest is one of the early mapping platforms that have been fully ousted by Google Maps, but some of the best features of MapQuest app for android phone are still make it impressive and unique for the users and it has been downloaded millions of times. The MapQuest app offers HD maps, you can create solid point of interest listings, and it will help you in multi-point step-by-step navigation.


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