5 exciting tech innovations in mobile gaming

5 exciting tech innovations in mobile gaming

The mobile gaming industry has grown considerably since its inception with a lot of technological advancements. With 21% of all Android app downloads and 25% of all iOS app downloads constituting mobile games it is an unquestionable fact that the mobile gaming industry has come a long way drawing a huge number of users towards it. It is estimated that the number of active online gamers is more than 2.2 billion. The surging numbers in the gamers who prefer mobile games signifies the fact that more people are switching to mobile games. 

Above all the recent technological developments in mobile gaming are made through the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies that are known to grant gamers an immersive experience. While the other revolutionizing technologies and tools of this industry include Cloud gaming, Wearable tech and handheld consoles, Facial and Voice recognition features, AI, Social Media integration with gaming and security advancements. A few of the significant mobile gaming features in the recent past are as follows.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies 

These technologies offer an exotic experience to gamers. 

Augmented Reality is an amalgamation of the gaming visuals along with the audio corresponding to the environment of the user in real-time, this in turn aids in enabling an artificial environment, thus establishing a playing zone within the artificial environment that is existent. Although this technology is known to overwhelm the gamers who use smartphones for gaming, it has made a remarkable impact after the real-world environment has been instigated which was an interactive experience in which augmentation of every object of the real world takes place.

Virtual Reality on the other hand is a technology that aids in the creation of a simulated environment. This constitutes a 3D world that offers the users an immersive and creative experience with the digital environment. This 3D world stimulates senses such as vision, hearing, touch, smell. The benefits offered by this technology that offers its users an interactive gaming experience and appealing virtual objects made it a burning topic for gaming trends. Therefore VR gained attention as a potential market and high user retention. Virtual reality can be experienced by the use of a headset. 

Cloud Gaming – The current gaming inclination

Cloud Gaming is a significant technological advancement in mobile gaming as it doesn’t need any gaming console or a PC but rather an Internet-friendly mobile. Also, cloud gaming doesn’t need users to download any apps on their mobile devices to access games. Cloud Gaming is a type of online gaming that runs on the cloud and can be played on any device that has access to the internet with undisturbed access to mobile gaming features. This type of gaming is unconventional and contrasts with traditional gaming as the video game that runs on remote servers can be streamed to users’ devices. With the internet connections increasing rapidly the cloud gaming is continuously attracting attention. One more reason behind why cloud gaming is garnering attention is its ability to give its users access to high-end games cheaply while other benefits include faster speed and smoother gameplay. However, the users need to install the updates for the games as this cloud gaming technology keeps evolving.  

Tech and hand consoles 

Wearable gadgets are around for a while now and mobile gaming technology is trying to leverage them for its benefit. The wearable gadgets are equipped with the added Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality features that enable them to provide the users with a great gaming experience. Ranging from simple puzzle games to high-end sports these AR/VR equipped gadgets ensure high-quality graphic features imparting a real life-like user experience. Nothing can replace the old school way of gaming using Xbox and Playstation no matter how trending the tablets and or mobile devices are.

The integration of social media with the mobile gaming

The chart-topping trends of mobile gaming always come from its social media integration. The employment of social media in mobile gaming is one of the crucial aspects as it ensures the maximum engagement of the users. Playing in social media apps also enables gamers to play with their friends and compete in the leaderboards.

Artificial Intelligence

While Google and platforms like Netflix are highly dependent on AI for knowing the users’ needs through their choice of content thereby personalizing their services the gaming world isn’t left out. They’ve turned to offer assistance virtually to provide customer support for its gamers. Also, AI is a sure way to reduce their staff and also help them in improving the support they offer to the online community of gamers without incurring too many expenses.

Facial/ Voice recognition and enhanced security

With the advent of features like Facial recognition, Voice recognition and fingerprint recognition the chances of cyber fraud have been cut off, ensuring the security of the customer’s information and building trust in the world of online mobile gaming. 

This technology transfers the users’ likeness to the gaming world. The technologies like the Intel RealSense 3D camera allows the developers to create games that could adjust to the feelings of the user by scanning through 78 points on the face of the user. This would enable the technology to detect the game’s difficulty just by sensing some grimaces at the game screen. 

Also, the voice recognition feature enables the computer to recognise the voice commands. It allows the users to turn on or off the console. Also, one can control the way they play, the media library of the games, interaction with the social media, access them all through voice commands.

Advanced Payment options 

The payment method of online gaming has recently adopted cryptocurrency. This enables the gamers to play on the global casinos  through cryptocurrency. This has increased the flexibility of the casino. Since Cryptocurrency uses Blockchain that records all user transactions the possibility of the risks associated with online mobile gaming has decreased considerably. Blockchain technology ensures the safety of the user’s bank details and denies access to any unauthorised personnel decreasing the possibility of cyber crimes and data theft providing online gamers with a safe online environment.


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