5 New Office Gadgets to Make Your Employees Happier

5 New Office Gadgets to Make Your Employees Happier

The workplace doesn’t have to be this drab, boring place. In fact, it really shouldn’t be. We spend almost a quarter of our lives (and many spend more) in our place of employment. This is 8 hour per day, 5 days a week, for decades. But, this doesn’t need to be a completely negative notion. There is nothing wrong with finding joy and pride in your work. And you should do all you can to make it even more positive.

A positive and healthy atmosphere at the office will make people more productive, and more efficient. One of the ways you can add to this kind of atmosphere is by getting some nice and interesting gadgets and tools at the place. Bellow, you will find some of the more interesting gadgets on the market today.

Wireless Ceiling charger


The future is now, and it looks pretty cool. Just 10 years ago, charging your phone with a ceiling tile would have sounded like something straight out of star trek. But today, you can get something like this installed in your workplace. It uses a smart antenna technology to charge your phone or your tablet within a ten-meter range.

Voice command lamps

Here we have another futuristic little thing, we have voice commanded desk lamps. While voice commands aren’t anything new, this one really improved upon the old designs. Namely, you can get voice commanded desk lamps that have more functions than just being turned on and off. You can command it to change its brightness levels, and its positioning. Some have integrated cameras and webcams. They can use these webcams to actually adjust their own light inside a room, choosing the most flattering and useful light level. Finally, some can memorize your preferences. These all vary in complexity but we’re certain you can find the type that suits your needs and, more importantly, your budget.

Personal tablets


Now, this may not be something that you would call unique. But, investing in getting a couple of tablets around the office will definitely be appreciated. Depending on the line of work your company is in, people can really make use of tablets, and can make their work obligations more enjoyable and fun. And it doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are many companies that can give you a discount if you’re buying electronics in bulk. Or, you can contact any good retailer, like getting excellent electronics at Personal Digital, for stuff like tablets, laptops, work phones, etc…

Stress reducing wristbands

A very interesting gadget that showed up recently on the market is Doppel’s workplace stress reducing wristband. While this isn’t the first gadget that focuses on reducing stress, it’s probably one of the more advanced models. This is because other devices of this nature mostly just focus on gathering data throughout the day, and then give you the statistics. While this can be useful, Doppel’s bands are a bit more complex. They actually respond in real time when they detect that a person is stressed.

They do this by sensing when they see elevations in heart rate, by checking your pulse. What makes them special is that they let out a kind of rhythmic vibration or pulse that is supposed to calm you down and soothe you. You can also place an set some preferences, and are pretty user-friendly. Still, if you don’t want to splurge on something like this, you can always get a cheaper model that just gives you pure data.

Ergonomic back supports

ergonomic sitting

This may or may not actually fall under the category of “gadgets”. This is because, at their simplest version, we’re just talking about a cushion. However, at their most advanced, we’re talking about sensors and scanners.

Here’s the thing. People spend hours and hours and hours sitting at their desks all day. And over time, this can add up and really mess a person’s back and posture up. It will ruin their mood, sap all motivation, and just make them quite unproductive overall. But, it can be mitigated by maintaining proper posture at your desk. A good cushion placed between your lower back and the chair can really help you out.

However, there are chairs and scanners out there that can sense this for you. In fact, there are gadgets that you can wear, and that keeps track of your posture through the day. They do this by either checking your balance with built-in gyroscopes, or by being placed somewhere on your lower or upper back.

Finally, there are actual cushions that, when you’re sitting on them, check your balance and your posture. This high tech thing will solve a lot of pain people have, and will make everybody more relaxed in general.


So there you have it folks, a couple of fine gadgets that will make the workplace just that bit more relaxed. It will give your people that extra bit of productivity, and make the workplace seem just a bit more like home.




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