5 Reasons to Reaffirm That Rummy Is Based On Skills

5 Reasons to Reaffirm That Rummy Is Based On Skills

The number of avid rummy players is growing by leaps and bounds since the last decade. Online rummy has been able tore-create that interest in the game among youngsters too. With the time-bound feature and the interesting games to win real cash rewards, the game has become very refreshing as much as it is entertaining. Unlike many other card games which are dependent on one’s luck, rummy promises to be a card game with a difference. It is a game where your skills determine your success. Thus, more youngsters play rummy online as they drawn towards it.

Here we present you 5 reasons that re-affirm yet again that rummy is based on skill and luck is almost non-existent in the game.

  1. Legit game

The Supreme Court has identified rummy as a skill based game where luck has very little to do. Hence, playing online rummy for stakes is legit too. Unlike other card games like Poker and Teen Patti, rummy is not based on luck and does lead to gambling. Hence, the declaration of the Supreme Court is a conclusive proof of the fact that you need theskillto know how to play rummy.

  1. Concentration

An undivided focus on the game, your opponents, the cards being picked or discarded- all determine your success at rummy. The quality of concentration is not based on luck. It is a skill that you need to develop over a period of time in order to win rummy games. Every time you play online rummy, it is your concentration that helps you to capture every detail of your opponent’s gameplay and help you devise your own winning strategies.

  1. Memory

Concentration and memory are like two faces of the same coin. Where there is a good concentration there is a great memory too. As a skill game, you need to be smart enough to thoroughly remember the cards being picked and discarded in order to determine the cards possessed by your opponents. When you learn how to play rummy, your ability to memorize the cards will help you in your gameplay.

Analytical reasoning

The prejudices held by some people about the game that it is dependent on luck do not hold water.  You need to develop an uncanny ability to draw inferences based on the facts before you. When you play online rummy, your analytical reasoning skills will help you take prudent decisions and give an edge over your opponents.

  1. Mathematical approach

Rummy is based on math – calculations of the probability of occurrence of a favourable card as against the rest. As you learn how to play rummy, you need to implement certain basic math understanding in order to ascertain your position and that of your opponent’s too. For e.g. If you are playing with 2 standard decks of cards and have 4 jokers at hand, then the probability of the remaining jokers being with your opponent is 5 by 9 (since the total available jokers are 9).


Rummy is a simple game to learn – you need to hone skills which help you win at rummy. And, these are best developed only with regular and rigorous practice.



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