5 Ways To Become A Better Developer

5 Ways To Become A Better Developer

 If you’re at all interested in being the best at what you do, then you probably know this feeling.  You’re looking at some code that you just wrote, and you know that something is missing.  It could be better, but you simply can’t see how.

The push to conquer that “hump” in the road to mastering the art of code is what will get you through to a higher level of competence.  Start boosting your skills now, and read through some of the most effective ways to become a better developer.

Get out of your comfort zone

You have to train your coding muscles to keep them strong, and doing the same old thing day after day won’t get you to the next level in your career.  Get yourself away from your comfort zone, and challenge your skills.

Do new things when you get the time.  Learn about functional programming through Haskell.  Learn about statically typed language with Scala, and Erlang will teach you more about the actor model.

Learn the classics for a foundation

Learning different languages and frameworks are only beginners’ tools, but before moving on, make certain that you truly understand why those things exist and what purpose they really serve.  Don’t restrict yourself to one language or framework.  Learn Ruby, Python, PHP, and JavaScript to build yourself a strong foundation.

Know that patience will get you far

It takes a long time to really become a guru at coding, so don’t let your excitement get the best of you.  Patience is the virtue that will make you the Yoda of coding in time.

Not only is the world of coding a large place, but it has the habit of changing pretty rapidly.  The field of coding is an ever-changing career, and you’ll have to be able to roll with the punches.

You’re not finished when the code “works”

You have to want more out of your creation than for it to simply work.  If a code works, that just means that you are now to move on to perfecting that code.  Continuous testing is a large part of perfecting your code.  ContinuousTesting.com supplies ample materials to help you learn the language of continuously testing the product you’re producing.

Read and write lots of code

The best tool for honing your craft is simply exercising your skills.  Read code; lots and lots of code.  Read coding from the legends, and then write, and write some more.

Handwriting coding will help you to engrave the tech language into your mind, and give you more room to move on to more intricate projects.  Think of your knowledge as a handful of building blocks.  Use them to build something masterful.


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