5 Ways to Save on Tech

5 Ways to Save on Tech

The latest tech is expensive.

There’s no getting around that. So, are your only options to grin and deal with it or not buy the tech at all? Not at all. If you know the tricks of the trade, you can have the latest tech and not have to worry about breaking the bank to do it.

In today’s guide, we’re going to show you five smart ways in which you can save on tech.

Look for Bypasses

These days you have products for everything. Then you have products that only work with other specific products, or so manufacturers will tell you.

Take a VPN as an example. Some VPN providers will tell you that you need one piece of software for your computer and another for your smartphone.

But there are VPN providers who offer all-in-one solutions. All you need to know is how to install a VPN.

Take installing a VPN on a fire stick as an example. You don’t need anything special to do this. Your normal VPN provider for your computer should have software for all your devices. There’s no need to pay for the same thing multiple times.

Always look for tech options that can be used with multiple devices.

Sell Your Old Tech

Consider selling your old tech in order to raise money for newer pieces of tech. The average American has anywhere from five to seven old pieces of used and unused tech in their home. Selling these could easily raise a few hundred dollars for every home. Yet we tend to leave them hidden and abandoned.

This is wasting money and it means you’re missing out.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to sell your old tech. Use sites like Craigslist to get rid of your old tech in your local area.

You can also use dedicated websites, where you list your old gadgets and you only have to provide a small portion of the profits as a service fee. Unless you’re selling local, this is the safest way of selling your old tech for money.

Think About Your Storage Capacity

One of the biggest costs of tech is how much storage capacity your device has. This is one of the single biggest ways in which these companies make money.

Let’s take the iPhone as an example, which is one of the most expensive smartphones around. Each time a new iPhone came out you had the option of 64GB or 250GB. There was always about a $150 difference between the two.

Do you think the cost for Apple to add a few GB is really $150 per unit?

Of course not, but it’s a way for them to make extra money. And many people buy these mega smartphones even when they don’t need that sort of space.

Consider how much space you actually need on your new smartphone or other devices. If you want to use some apps, take a few pictures, and maybe shoot the occasional video it doesn’t make sense to buy the premium version.

Think about actual use, not the image buying the expensive version offers.

Don’t Buy Branded Tech Accessories

All the major tech providers will have accessories that go with their product. These are nearly always overpriced. You can buy exactly the same accessories from third-party providers that do the same thing at a fraction of the price.

Apple is probably the biggest offender of that. Of course, they make attempts to make other accessories incompatible, but it’s possible to jailbreak your device in order to get around that.

There’s almost no situation in which an expensive branded accessory is of a better quality than a third-party alternative.

Next time you buy a new piece of tech, consider opting for the core product only. Leave the accessories in the store where they belong.

Look for Internet Flash Sales

It’s not uncommon for retailers online to offer flash sales. Sign up for newsletters for major retailers and wait for special events. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always great times to pick up cheap tech.

The key here is to be patient. You’ll often have to wait a few months for a product to drop in price, but it’s well worth it.

Last Word – Save on Tech Today

There’s no reason to pay a huge amount for tech. Follow these tips and you’ll potentially save hundreds of dollars per year on tech.

Do you have any other tips for saving on tech?


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