6 Best Alternatives of Google Play Store to Install Android Apps

6 Best Alternatives of Google Play Store to Install Android Apps

Google Play Store is the only official app store to download android apps, but a few people know they can download android apps from some other places as well. Huge number apps are available on different android stores that are not existed on Google Play. Here I found some places to install android apps for the smartphone users who are looking for some alternatives of Google Play Store.

1. Amazon Appstore

 best google alternative for android appsAmazon App Store is the largest alternative of Google Play Store. They have a very well organized app store where you can navigate the on the web using your mobile app. Once you install the amazon app no your phone you will be able to enjoy their whole web collection to install free app and add paid apps to your cart. Simply go to the app store, view the available apps list and install the desired one on your phone.

2. AndroidPIT

 best google alternative for android apps

AndroidPIT offers an app that you can use to install apps on your phone without going to Google Play Store. On the other hand the website is maintaining an app news blog with latest “test reports,” or app reviews, which are helping the users to know about the app before they install it in their phone.

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3. Appitalism

 best google alternative for android apps

Appitalism is another Google Play Store alternative, which allows you to install app on your android phone and rate the app using their social community approach as well as this rating helps you to know the quality of app rated by the users have installed it before you. You can find the best app in their “hot apps” section. There is a huge number of apps available to download that you wouldn’t see on Google Play marketplace.

4. F-Droid

 best google alternative for android apps

The F-Droid is an open source android app store where you can find the find multiple versions of different apps in case you want to use a single app other than its latest release. This way helps the smartphone users who have old versions of android operating system. F-Droid doesn’t have a huge collection of android apps but you can find some of the best apps that are not available on other stores.

5. Insyde Market

 best google alternative for android apps

The Insyde is the only Google’s Play Store that claims to have support for Android netbooks as well as smartphones. The app store is best for chines users as a lots of apps appear in Chinese, so if you’re a Chinese speaker you may easily find your desired app, so this might but not a best option for English speakers.


 best google alternative for android apps

Once the PocketGear was one of the most popular app stores before release of Google Play Store, but it has still several numbers of android apps that are not the part of other store’s collection. PocketGear offered tons of apps for Windows, Palm, BlackBerry, and Symbian apps and android apps.

The above shared Google alternatives have vast collection of android apps, but there are several others that may help you to get your work done in order to install apps.


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