6 Things to Do When you Buy a New Android Device

6 Things to Do When you Buy a New Android Device

Buy a new Android Phone or thinking to buy it? YES! Here are some of the best tips to get your phone ready for the first use. This is a great feeling to use a new phone but it requires some important steps to do when you buy a new Android phone. These are easy but necessary steps to do when you buy a new Android device.





  1. Skip the Setup Scrap

In case you get a phone from a major Android career like T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon you would need to skip the step junk. You need to setup process is plug in your Google Account that will allow you to download apps and use some other services.

  1. Spread the Account Fresh

If all of the apps or widgets are appeared on your home screen, you may get rid of all by starting from scratch. The Samsung Galaxy S series has very easy options to do that, simply get a zoom-out view of your home screen, use drag and option to move extra widgets into trash. You don’t need to worry about you would not be able to delete any app it will simply remove from your home screen.

  1. Eliminate the Bloatware

Many of the new android phones come with lot of unwanted junks, that we need to remove as per your usage by going to phone’s settings >> “Apps” or “Applications” >> find the subsection titled “All.” This step is somehow confusing so, you may simply go with individual apps that you want to remove instead of choosing “All” option, because some apps can’t be removed but you can disable them.

  1. Setup Your Gmail Account

In order to download your favorite app you have to set up your Gmail account to use Google Play Store. Go to Apps and find three dots or press phone’s menu button and go to settings. Go to your email address choose “inbox sound & vibrate” go to “Sound” and choose “Silent” to save you from too many emails. If you want to delete/find out the already received/deleted emails go to “General Settings” go to “Archive & delete actions” and hit “Show delete only.”

  1. Check Your Google Play Store Settings

Once you done all with cleaning your home screen, now it’s time to add your own apps as per your use. After setting up your Gmail account go to Google Play store go to Settings and uncheck the box “Add icon to Home Screen”, then find out the new apps and start adding them that you need. If there would be a need to update pre-installed apps you may do that in the same menu.

  1. Set Up Android Device Manager

This is one of the important steps to do when you buy a new android phone, for this go to “Android Device Manager” and decide the remote management features you’d like to enable/disable. After seting up these important options you may bookmark the Android Device Manager website that will give you easy access to use the device.


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