6 Things That Would Get You More Followers and Reposts

6 Things That Would Get You More Followers and Reposts

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get followers on different social pages, increase engagement, and make accounts more efficient.

Do you really need to waste time on improving the quality of your social media channels? Increasing your online presence is a big deal today. Social networks continue gaining momentum, and it is worth saying that such channels have a significant impact on society.

A modern consumer tends to evaluate the trustworthiness and quality of the brand by its popularity in the media. The idea is simple – if many people are subscribed to a specific business account, it must have something interesting to offer. Thus, if you are launching or already running a business, the number of subscribers you have on different channels indicates success.

How to increase your brand’s social media presence? In this article, you will learn what type of publications work best and how to expand your audience. Knowing these small SMM secrets will help make your page more active and engaging.

High-Quality Visual Content

If we take a look at the top popular social networks, we can see that each gives its users a possibility to spice up their content with different visual elements such as photos, videos, etc. This happens not without reason!

According to the last ‘year’s industry report created by Social Media Examiner, visual images are the most important type of content for marketers. This statement explains why content supported with a themed visual element generally gets more engagement from the audience than a plain text.

Such content attracts attention and, most importantly, it is more memorable! According to HuffPost, three days after people receive specific information, they remember only about 10% of what was heard or read. However, if the given information was paired with a relevant visual image, they would retain about 65%.

With these statistics in mind, it is fair to say that the quality of your visual content defines a huge part of success. Thus, it is the first thing to consider if you are hoping to expand your audience.

In terms of visual content quality, Starbucks shows an excellent example! The images and videos they post across different platforms are high-quality, vivid, and eye-catching. The secret of their success is quite simple. It is hard to miss this kind of content in the feed because it drives attention immediately and makes users want to see more.

Consistent Style

Most social networks are highly visual. Therefore, the overall style of a page matters a lot!

Here is a thing you should think about – people start following someone not because they liked the previous content, but because they expect future content to be more of the same type.

For example, if someone interested in fashion finds an account that always posts the most recent updates from this industry, one subscribes to keep getting more of such content. Then, if the owner of a page continues providing this sort of publications, the subscribers will stay. On the contrary, if one decides to change the style of the page, a big part of the audience will most likely be lost.

People want to see more of the same type of publications, and if you can deliver it, this will increase the number of your Instagram and Facebook followers. Thus, consistency is vital!

The visual style is as important as the manner of writing. Meaningless posts will not only alienate potential followers but also force the existing ones to unsubscribe. Yet, it is not only the coherence that matters but the general style of posts as well. It would be good to gather some samples and templates for your posts to write in the same manner on various themes.

Girleatworld is an amazing example of how to combine visual content and an excellent textual presentation. This platform features a friendly and informal tone of voice with excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Among bloggers who create and develop their Instagram profiles, there are a lot of professional writers, who started their careers by guest posting or performing tasks for essay services.

On the other hand, some make great photoshoots but are not familiar with writing at all. These bloggers usually make search queries like writing content help and ask for experts’ assistance on an ongoing basis. These services serve the blogger’s purposes, as they get more time to dedicate to photos.

Besides, if you are running a business, supporting consistent style across all channels will contribute to the ‘brand’s recognition, which, in its turn, will result in a better reputation and sales. Finally, pages that stick to the same style look much more appealing.

A good example of how consistency brings benefits is Tiffany & Co. The brand has over 10 million subscribers on Instagram, and this number is growing rapidly. The unique style is clearly seen all across their profile. They use the ‘brand’s colors and the same tone of voice in every publication, which shows an excellent example of consistency.

Relevant Hashtags

The use of hashtags can be a powerful marketing tool if done right. Different platforms offer their users the possibility to use relevant keywords in the form of hashtags to make the publications easier to find.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, it is crucial to consider the usefulness of hashtags in a particular network. For example, Twitter and Instagram users love hashtags. People subscribe to their favorite tags to find more related publications.

However, the situation is slightly different on Facebook. Although here you can also use hashtags, they ‘don’t seem to have a significant impact on the popularity of the publications. Thus, we ‘don’t recommend including too many tags in Facebook posts.

On Instagram or Twitter, tags work pretty well and can bring you many benefits. However, it is still essential to use them right. Most importantly, you should include only relevant keywords. Also, it is crucial to use trending tags to expand your reach. Finally, we ‘don’t recommend including too many tags.

Most platforms have a limit of characters or tags one can include, but this ‘doesn’t mean that you need to use them all. A few top-searched and relevant hashtags work better than 20 irrelevant ones!

A good example of effective hashtag use is this short video posted by @TravelEsquire. They posted a cute video and paired it with a concise caption and only three relevant tags. Still, this publication gained almost 4 million views!

Interactive Content

One more thing that brings real benefits is interactive content. It is a sure way to increase the ‘audience’s engagement, get more likes, comments, shares, subscribers, and also spread a word about the product. Here are some of the most popular types of interactive content:

  • Giveaways – announcing a contest or giveaway is a simple way to encourage users to do something specific. For example, a call to action may be to subscribe, like, comment or share in order to win some item.
  • Polls – this is a fun way to get ‘users’ opinion on a topic that matters to you, increase engagement, and show that the brand cares about its fans.
  • Posts with multiple choice – this is another way to ask subscribers about their opinion. For example, many influencers and brands use multiple choice posts to discover what topics their subscribers are most interested in. Just like other types of interactive content, such publications help build up a closer connection with the audience.
  • Quizzes – fun quizzes can help increase the ‘audience’s engagement. Besides, it is a fun way to learn more about your potential customers, their needs, and preferences.
  • Interactive infographics – this is the most visually appealing type of interactive content. If done right, infographics are also quite educational. Thus, it is an excellent tool to use for boosting one’s social media accounts!

Look at how Airbnb uses Instagram stories to interact with their followers. This is a great example of how to use quizzes to engage the audience.

Boosting Apps

Of course, traditional ways of getting new subscribers work better in the long perspective. However, if there is a need to increase engagement faster or if you just want to get rolling, consider using special apps for more followers, likes, shares, etc.

There are quite many tools available on the Internet. However, before you decide, make sure you are aware of the possible risks as well! First of all, many untrustworthy tools supply you with so-called ghost followers – these are fake accounts that subscribe to your account automatically but ‘don’t bring any engagement.

Although free tools can bring you hundreds of thousands of followers in a day, this ‘won’t make any real impact in the long run. Moreover, such an approach can do more harm than good by ruining your reputation. Therefore, if you want to get more subscribers quickly, use these tips to stay safe:

  • More ‘isn’t always better – do not go crazy about such tools! You could use them to get a quick start, but this ‘shouldn’t be your primary source of gaining new subscribers.
  • Choose trusted apps – there are tons of similar platforms, so it will be quite hard to choose a reliable one. We would recommend using trusted paid services that give a guarantee that the new coming subscribers are real people!

If you are wondering what service to choose, SocialEmpire is a good pick. This service has been around for a while and earned the reputation of a reliable and trusted tool. This tool is paid. It offers the customers the opportunity to purchase from 500 to 10,000 followers with a single payment. Also, it allows buying views and likes. The order is delivered in a few days, and they guarantee that you will receive high-quality and active subscribers. The main drawback of this tool is that it only works for Instagram.

As for other platforms, you might need to search for different apps. For example, to get SoundCloud followers, we can recommend using a free tool – Soundcloudfollowers.org.

Tags and Links

Our final tip is to use links and tag other accounts in your posts. This trick works well for most social platforms and can bring about more engagement.

Tagging someone else in your publication helps increase the reach, as more people will see it. However, you should be careful with the links and tags you include! Make sure that they bring value to the audience and are relevant. Also, make sure that they ‘can’t do any harm (for example, offense someone or show inappropriate content).

A famous blogger Charity Grace shows an excellent example of how to increase the reach with tags on Instagram. On her picture, she tagged three brands, whose products she is using. This way, she ensured that her publication would be seen by people who follow those accounts (apart from her own subscribers).

What Obstacles May Come Along?

Tips given above can help increase engagement and the number of subscribers on your social media accounts. However, success ‘doesn’t come easy. The popularization of a page requires time and effort. Now, ‘let’s look at some obstacles that you may face.

Too much competition. Social networks are extremely popular nowadays. There are tons of accounts and content, which makes the competition quite intense. You have to stand out from the crowd in order to get noticed by the audience.

You only have a few seconds to capture interest. People receive lots of information on social media every hour. Users scroll their news feeds quickly, which means that you have to capture their attention in less than 5 seconds.

Getting more subscribers is hard, but keeping them engaged is harder. Whenever someone presses that follow button, it means that he or she is interested in what you have to say and show. However, your work ‘doesn’t stop there, and next, you have to ensure that your audience stays with you, which is even harder.

Why is it hard to get reposts? ‘Let’s look at the top three cases:

In some instances, reposting is illegal. One of the main reasons why Internet users are being careful with reposting someone ‘else’s content is that it can cause issues with copyright laws. Reposting both visual and written content is only legal if a person has permission to do this.

People only share the content they find valuable. In most cases, a regular user would prefer to show his engagement in a specific post by liking or commenting rather than reposting. No one wants to fill his own feed with irrelevant content. Thus, the only way to get more reposts is to deliver content that brings real value to your followers.

The image you post may not fit the account. This obstacle often arises when you tag someone in your post with the hope to get reposts. Doing so, it is important to ensure that the posted picture corresponds with the overall style and idea of the account you tag. For example, it is not worth expecting to be reposted if you post a picture of a puppy and tag someone who loves cats.

These obstacles make things way harder. However, top-notch materials always provide real profit!

If the content delivered by a user is inspiring, engaging, and unique, none of these issues should hold one back from getting subscribers and reposts!

What Topics Can Bring You More Subscribers?

Defining the right niche for your social media is one of the key things that influence the popularity of the account. To get more followers and engagement, you have to deliver content that is valuable and interesting to the audience.

How to find a topic that will contribute to your success? It is always hard to define the right niche. Trends are changing rapidly. Something that was important today may become utterly obsolete tomorrow.

Thus, if you want to increase your popularity on social media and get more followers, keep an eye on the current trends and learn to adjust to their change. To help you get started, ‘let’s look at a few topic ideas that matter this year:

  • Personal blog – it seems like in 2019, users will be mostly looking to hear authentic stories and real-life experiences.
  • Wellness and sports
  • Art
  • Traveling
  • Parenting
  • Style
  • Tips / tutorials
  • Humor

These are some of the most popular topics as of today. Each of them can help you grow the audience. However, here is one more tip to follow – choose a niche that you are genuinely interested in! Always remember that it is not that hard to gain followers. The most complicated task is to keep them interested and engaged!

You don’t just want people to subscribe to your account. You actually want them to stay with you for as long as possible. This will not be possible if they figure out that you are not truthful with them. Probably one of the biggest trends of 2019 is to be real and share content that matters to you!

Final Words

As you can see, success in social networks is a result of effort, time, and dedication. It may not come too fast. However, with a mix of high-quality content, creativity, consistency, and other tips mentioned in this article, you are doomed to succeed! Thus, ‘don’t be afraid to start and always keep going forward!


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