6 Top Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS from Famous Services

6 Top Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS from Famous Services

Today we can play with our android or iOS devices like our television using some useful app of famous video streaming services. The under given famous services’ video streaming apps for android and iOS devices help you to get your work done with ease in order to watch your favorite movie streaming.

VLC Stream

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VLC Streamer costs $1.99 this app has some similar features with Air Video, it allows the users to stream movies from their PC or MAC over 3G or Wi-Fi with a mobile device. This is a useful app bring you in a world of video streaming and their outstanding services allows you to browse native channels and Windows net and share with friends. The app supports different streaming quality levels and multiple resolutions.


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Crackle has some same features of Hulu Plus, which is one of the most popular video streaming apps for android and iOS. Crackle is same but here you would not have to pay subscription fee to use their services. Crackle hosts 100s of movies and shows that are directly available to stream on your mobile device but on demand. Crackle is one of the top rated streaming app on iTunes with over 4 million downloads.


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Plex costs $4.99 it allows you to browse your favorite channel on iOS devices and play videos from Mac. There are some unseen features like the app robotically ports over videos via its myPlex facility. However, the video streaming of DRM saved video content, like older files from the iTunes store, is not reinforced.


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Netflix is the most popular video streaming portal for television, PC, MAC, Android and iOS and millions of people are using their services to browse their favorite channels and videos. It is very easy to watch your favorite movies using Netflix app and using your Android or iOS device. It allows you to resume watching your favorite show from where you left watching on your television or computer.

Hulu Plus

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When it comes to talk about video streaming Hulu Plus is another app placed among top of the list. This app allows the android and iOS users unlimited access to more than 2,000 TV shows in just $7.99 a month. There’s a huge but decent movie collection is the part of their database. The users can have access to more than 1,400 movies from their iOS and Android devices.

Air Video

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Priced at only $2.99, this is one of the best streaming apps on the market, providing access to your entire video collection anytime and anywhere. You can watch the videos on various devices, Air Video allows you to watch them over the air without the hassle of sharing, it also helps you to download and convert files. It also gives iPad users access to content purchased via iTunes by streaming it through Safari browser.


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