7 Android Rooting Apps that help you to Save Your Data When Root Your Device

7 Android Rooting Apps that help you to Save Your Data When Root Your Device

Rooting is a process to allow smartphone or tablet users running the Android OS to attain privileged control usually known as “root access” within Android’s sub-system. It is a complicated process to reset your android device by removing unnecessary data. As I said this is complicated so everyone has to be careful while rooting their device to save their important data, but I collect some of the best android rooting apps that may help you to save your data when you root your android devices.


android rooting apps1. Titanium Backup

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This is one of the popular backup apps that may help you before you root your phone, this app allows you to set a schedule backup so it will help you to keep your data saved all time in your phone. So, you will be able to transfer your data with USB cable and backup it in your desktop or laptop hard disk.

android rooting apps2. OTA RootKeeper

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This is a direct app that will give you easy access to root your device any time by saving it as a backup. It allows you easy process to back up your data, flash over your Android device OTA updates then you can easily restore your root permission using OTA RootKeeper.

android rooting apps3. CatLog

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This logcat app can find details on your Android device. This app allows you to scan your logs, and it makes your work easier to do stacktraces to correct other apps you have installed on your phone. This app is a very well-ordered tool for android developers or testers.

android rooting apps4. Root Uninstaller

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Root Uninstaller will help you to freeze, uninstall or hide anything from your phone that you don’t want to use and free up some of your SD card or phone storage. Important thing to remember using this app is when you remove system app casually use it, it would lead to the system crash. You must be aware before using it, what you are going to do.

android rooting apps5. Root- Push Notifications Fixer

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If you are facing delay in notifications on your Android device, Root – Push Notification Fixer may help you in this regard. This app fixes the infamous late notifications from the famous apps like social media, emails and some others. One of the best feature of this app is you may check heartbeat interval/1 minute that will assure you are not receiving late notifications.

android rooting apps6. Root Browser

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Root Browser is a lite weight android app will help you to access the top root features and permit you to make changes in your android device. This android rooting app will allow you to view and edit files and folders within this app. For low cost smartphones this is pretty good.

android rooting apps7. AFWall+

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AFWall+ is another great app that will help you to root your device and access to the data networks like 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi as well as helps you save your phone’s battery consumption and usage of data while roaming.


Note: These Apps are not to root your phone but will surly help you to keep your phone’s data saved before you perform this task.


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