7 Hottest Upcoming Smartphones the World Can’t Wait To See in 2020

7 Hottest Upcoming Smartphones the World Can’t Wait To See in 2020

The mobile phone revolution has transformed the world of telecommunication over the last two decades.  Mobile phones are now essentials for both personal and business functions. The advent of smartphones has moved pushed the importance of mobile technology a notch higher.

Today, there are over 3 billion smartphone owners across the globe. 77% of Americans own smartphones and a large number can’t live without their devices.

Interesting Times in the Smartphone Technology

The smartphone industry is a closely watched industry with dominant brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Huawei racing to develop the sleekest devices. The arrival of 5G technology promises super-fast processors but this is one of the many awesome in new devices features to expect.

If you plan to upgrade your smartphone any time soon, why not look at some of the eagerly awaited feature-rich devices in the industry?

iPhone X Foldable

Apple has lagged a bit over the last few years in terms of futuristic technology. When it comes to foldable phones, they have not shown any enthusiasm allowing Samsung to hog the limelight with their foldable products.

The iPhone X Foldable by Apple has been in the pipeline for some time and while there’s no official word from the company, it is obvious they don’t want to play second fiddle to their competitors, including Huawei and Samsung anymore.

Rumor has it that the foldable iPhone X could feature a super display of 514 pixels for each inch and measure6.6 inches and 8.3 inches when folded. These specs seem realistic considering what iPhone rivals have already launched.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung has an incredible resilience that sees it come back stronger any time there’s a problem. They have dominated 2018 and 2019 with awesome products and they aren’t resting on their laurels in 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 has leaked and it looks like something you would expect the South Korean company to design. The new phone will come in black, white, blue, and pink,with the most outstanding feature being the five cameras out of the box. The new Galaxy S11 will pack Android Q and One UI 2.1 out of the box, advanced camera sensor and a 5000mAh battery, among other features.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

While Apple continues dithering on foldable phones, its main rival Samsung plans to give this design another try with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The first experiment didn’t work as the Galaxy Fold broke down in the reviewer’s hands within days. The company hasn’t given up on foldable design, and consumers can look forward to a more practical Galaxy Fold 2.

iPhone 9

One of the most interesting facts about the iPhone series is that they seemed to have forgotten the iPhone 9. As it turns out, this was a deliberate marketing plan to introduce a low-budget phone later and give it the missing name.

Apple has an upcoming low cost (around $399)4.7-inch iPhone about to launch in the first part of 2020. This is a full LCD screen phone that looks like an iPhone 8 but running on the latest version of iOS platform.

The iPhone 12

There’s a lot of buzz around Apple products and for many good reasons. The company has an annual tradition of launching new products and 2020 is no exception. After three versions of the iPhone X design, it is normal for iPhone lovers to expect something new in the form of the iPhone 12.

Apple might revolutionize the new iPhone’s display by ditching the notch completely. The fresh look will entail embedding the TrueDepth camera system right into the narrow top bezel. With 5G arrival, the iPhone 12 will ride on the platform. The new device will come out towards the last quarter of the New Year.


The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has excited the market by launching high-quality products to rival the established brands. With a new phone coming out every six months, OnePlus has promised to change the game and this is one reason many people look forward to the OnePlus8. With a tentative launch for late spring, there’s a lot of time for speculation.

The major design change is the adoption of a Galaxy S10-like punch-hole camera instead of the current waterdrop notch. Other changes include the wireless charging capability which will win over many fans.

Motorola Razr

Foldable phones are the major trend in the smartphone industry and Motorola seeks to leverage this wave to make a comeback. Their Motorola Razr has received rave reviews by the select few who have had a feel. It is a smartphone that folds into half for convenience. The design borrows from the classic Razr design and it will win over many admirers from both the older and younger generation.

Planning to upgrade your smartphone? Many wonderful devices are coming to the market and they all pack incredible features. Indeed, these are interesting times for consumers who can look forward to the fantastic technology packed in these devices.Sit back, chill, and continue learning more about these amazing devices about to hit the market.


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