7 Simple Startup Business Ideas – Earn From Online

7 Simple Startup Business Ideas – Earn From Online

The uncertainty of job is increasing day by day. People can’t find much faith in jobs. Many people also don’t like to give their freedom for the sake of some money. Statistics says, in 2017 more people are going for their own business. Most of them are going to online business and some are starting to start up business with little money. Today we are showing you some innovative start up ideas with which people are already getting success and some other startup business ideas which have bright future.

Find out which idea may suit you well.

Arts and Crafts

Peoples’ love of arts never fade. They always love to hang a beautiful art on their living room wall or love to keep handy crafts for them or their children. The investment of this business is too low. If you’re an artist the cost will cut half. So why not rent a store and start selling your arts and crafts? It will make you rich within day-night.

Interior designer

It’s another rapid growing business in 2017. You can sell your service both in online and offline. You just need to be a bit different about your designing. People will rush to it.

Gift Basket

People love getting gifts as well as give gifts. And there’s a huge occasion around us. So it a great idea of having a store on a crowdy road side corner with the idea of selling gift baskets. People will really buy from you if you give a good gift basket combination and keep your price a little bit low. You can also sell through online.

Be a Consultant

If you are good at something related to business and have a good command over communication. Consultancy is the best job as a startup. First, you need to try branding yourself through online, give some free podcast and writings. If you are really good at over marketing strategy or have specific skill on something necessary, lots of business owner will hire you for consultancy. They will also ask for giving service to them on employee motivation, employee training and so on. You can also sell your service through online by webinar, podcast.

Digital Products

Prediction says, there will be 141 million unit sales of smartwatches by 2018. So just think of that. It’s a rapid growing billion-dollar industry. But you don’t need to start with a high amount of cash in your hand.

Some other trending digital products you can start selling are Selfie Drones, Mirrorless Camera, Wireless Earphones, Smartphones, Phone Case, Power Bank. Just do a little market research.

Organic Products

People are sensitive about their skin and health. The demand for organic products is increasing. It can be a great startup business idea in 2017. Most of the organic products are selling through online stores. Some trending organic products are Match a Tea, Beard Oil, Aloe Vera, Honey, Fresh Fruits etc.

Become a Freelancer

It’s a real beneficiary startup business. You will completely get your freedom. There are some big marketplaces where freelancers are hired regularly. You can build up your career with your expertise and can earn a real handsome money.

There are many more business ideas around there. We have just try to bring out some effective and low-cost business ideas for you. Remember, no business can grow without proper market research and good strategy. Keep that in mind hope will get succeed as a business entrepreneur.


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