7 Simple tricks you can use in your next rummy game

7 Simple tricks you can use in your next rummy game

Indian rummy is a popular card game that comes under the ‘draw and discard’ category of card games. Playing Indian rummy online is simple enough, once you know how to play that is. Each deal consists of 13 cards which has to be arranged into different sequences and sets.

Rummy is more of a skill game than a game of luck. To win one has to be on constant alert, keep track of the opponent’s gameplay, strategize ahead and adapt to the changing conditions. No matter how prepared one is, there will always be a player in the circle with a trick or two up his sleeves. To avoid being taken by surprise by such players one needs to have a trick or two for themselves.

As the saying goes ‘Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.’ To play rummy online with ease, you need to keep practicing with some simple tricks such as the ones listed below.

  1. Arrange cards by sequence

Once the cards are dealt arrange them in the sequence that is possible. Go through the cards and see how well it can be played with. This will enable you to come up with strategies and predict the outcome of the game.

  1. Make use of the Jokers

Making good use of a joker or wildcard in a game of Indian rummy is very helpful in completing sequences and sets. Know properly where you can add them to finish up the set and gain maximum benefits from them.

  1. Track your opponent

Always keep an eye on the opponents – their gameplay, cards and moves. Doing so will give you a clue as to what they are upto and the cards in their possession. Keep a close watch on the cards they discard and see if you can use it for yourself. It will enable you to win the match quickly.

  1. Reduce your points

Rummy game is a game of points. By discarding the high point cards will make sure that you are penalized with less points even if you lose the game. Be vary of the fact that when you discard a card it may be useful to your opponent in some way.

  1. Go for a pure sequence

Even experienced players get too caught up in making sets and sequences while they forget about the possibility of a pure sequence. Try to make a pure sequence out of the cards you are dealt with at first. All you have to do is wait for a particular card that can complete your pure sequence.

  1. Calculate the probabilities

As the rummy game progresses keep on calculating the probability of getting the card you need. Keep track of the game closely to predict and strategize ahead and play according to changing game flow.

  1. Drop out at the right time

Once the dealt cards are arranged it will be clear as to how and if the game can be played. Check on the possibilities of the game and plan ahead. If you think the dealt cards are not playable it is always a good strategy to drop-out of the game and play rummy again.


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