7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful ways to improve and grow your business. Customers consistently point out that businesses need to do more to engage them with SMS marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of companies still refuse to see the writing on the wall. The hesitation to fully implement SMS marketing.

So, the question remains – how to leverage the power that SMS marketing gives you? Simple! Follow the seven tips that follow to see how.

Tip #1 Make SMS Marketing Fun

SMS marketing involves some real hard work and effort. So make the process as enjoyable for yourself as possible. Incorporate things that bring you happiness into your efforts. A small, simple example: listening to music you enjoy while you work on SMS marketing. The good feelings eventually translate over to the work you’re doing with SMS marketing.

Another way to make SMS marketing more fun: treat it like a game. You choose which SMS marketing tools to use and how to implement them in order to win. Set lofty goals for yourself and see if you achieve them. This type of internal competition might just allow you to enjoy the process of SMS marketing more and work better for your business.

Make SMS marketing enjoyable for your customers! SMS is an informal process of communication. Take advantage of that! Show off the “human” side of your business. Find a voice and style that fits your business and brand. We’ve all seen how Taco Bell responds to tweets; do the same with SMS marketing. Make it meaningful and fun for your customers to receive your SMS marketing.

Tip #2 Share Your SMS Marketing Wins

Another way to leverage the power of SMS marketing: share your success with others. Find someone that you trust. Report to them about the everyday, large and small, SMS marketing triumphs. Talking with others about what you’re doing not only allows you to reflect on what you’ve done, but gives you an opportunity to generate ideas. Plus, you gain an accountability partner who helps you achieve your goals.

Tip #3 Organize Your SMS Marketing

Make sure you go about SMS marketing in an organized way. You’re going to run many different types of mobile marketing tools at once. Keep track of the campaigns, broadcasts, and other tools you’re using and which goals they’re achieving. In addition, most SMS marketing platforms allow you to use tags. Tags are a great way to organize since they allow you to track and delineate customers.

Tip #4 Set Reasonable SMS Marketing Goals

You’re definitely going to want to dream big, but make sure to set achievable goals. Make sure they’re realistic. If you’ve never used SMS marketing before, setting a goal for 90% sales from SMS marketing is unreasonable. You simply lack the experience to pull it off.

However, as you get more comfortable with SMS marketing, definitely set goals that push your limits. You need to set both short-term and long-term goals. And remember tracking your progress is difficult unless you actually write down your goals. So make sure to as well.

Tip #5 Take an Honest Evaluation of Your SMS Marketing

From time to time you’re going to need to evaluate your SMS marketing. Don’t look at it as a bad thing; honest evaluation is actually very positive. Gain invaluable insight from evaluation by looking at your SMS marketing goals. Get a refresher on what you wanted to accomplish when you began SMS marketing.

The second step is to look at all of the specific SMS marketing tools you’re using. Do they line up with your goals? Are you getting closer to achieving your goals? Are they benefitting ROI? Finally, look at the actual campaigns, mass texts, and webforms you’ve run. Have they helped to accomplish your goals?

In the end, it’s important for you to see how far you’ve come; to see what’s working and what isn’t. Weed out what isn’t and keep on doing what is working. A major part of evaluation is adjusting overall goals. Rather than just adjusting SMS marketing tools or campaigns, you need to modify and sometimes get rid of unrealistic goals. However, if you set a loftier goal that isn’t met, perhaps set smaller goals.

Tip #6 Choose the Right SMS Marketing Platform for You

Choosing a SMS marketing platform is extremely important. You need to find one that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Do a little research. See what is out there. Ultimately, you want to find a platform where you can get help or advice when you need it and that won’t break the bank. The people who made the platform you’re using eat, sleep, and breathe SMS marketing. Trust them when challenges arise. They can help you overcome them.

Tip #7 Keep Your Eye Fixed on Your SMS Marketing Goal

The best way to leverage the power of SMS marketing is to always keep your end goal in mind. No matter what tools you use or how you choose to go about SMS marketing, making sure you understand how what you’re doing contributes to achieving your goal is foundational. In order to succeed, you need to keep your eye on the prize. Whatever your goal, don’t lose sight of it. Don’t let it get lost in the sea of SMS marketing.

Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

 Following the seven tips above will help you not only to accomplish your SMS marketing goals, but to thrive too. SMS marketing is all about communicating with people. Never lose sight of this purpose.


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