7 Trendy, Modern Gifts Ideas

7 Trendy, Modern Gifts Ideas

When we think “modern”, we also often think up-to date and contemporary.  And yes, while there are certain styles and looks and aesthetics, like neutral colors and clean, sharp lines, that we can attribute to modernity, but there are also certain cultural shifts and changes that suit what we define as modern as well, like ecofriendly goods, or high-tech devices, natural and organic foods, and the like.  In order to best appreciate these contemporary notions, why not find some gifts that best suit it?

  1. Trendy Planner

Even though we have these great cell phones, just sitting in our pockets or in our purses, with calendars and alert systems, the trend has shifted back towards unique and personalized daily, weekly, or monthly planners.  Not only are they great to help us keep track of dates and appointments, but they’re also perfect for goal setting, fitness planning, and even daily journaling.  As we began to miss the pen-to-paper feel, we didn’t take too many steps back, because the newer planners have so many different uses to them.

  1. Smart Speaker

We love our high-tech devices, and if we can get a mini-personal assistant out of them, then so be it.  This smart speaker comes in three different colors, plays music, follows commands, is small and subtle so as to be out of the way, and can even turn your house into a smart home, with voice activated commands. A bit on the pricier side, Alexa comes in a few different sizes, depending on your needs and how much you’re wanting to spend on this gift.  They’re almost always loved and appreciated.

  1. Reusable Kool8 Bottle

Being “modern” means you want to make sure you last and the planet lasts, and the Kool8 bottle is great for both.  You can keep hydrated all day long, your water will stay cool (which is also great for your metabolism), and it’s easy to fill spout means you can continuously fill it with ease.  The bottle, recently named one of the best water bottles of 2019, is durable and self-insulated, and it comes in a sleek bottle with a range of trendy colors to choose from.  It’s also environmentally friendly, and ethically sound; for every bottle purchased, the company gives bottles to developing regions.

  1. Charging Station

There’s a terrible feeling when you wake up in the morning only to realize that you forgot to plug your phone in and it didn’t charge all night.  With this ultra-modern and sleek charging station, you can pop all your devices into it at once and make sure everything stays fully charged for whenever you need it.  Convenient and stylish, you can easily charge a tablet as well as a phone, and your recipient will be excited to place their favorite accessories in it as well! Sleek exterior with a luxurious interior, it’s a design piece as well as a functioning device.

  1. Customized Star Map

This is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding dates, proposals, or any other important event your gift recipient might want to commemorate.  Simply pick a date and location and the site shows you what the stars in the sky looked like on that particular night.  The company prints a 18×24 poster that can be framed and hung on a wall as a stylish and contemporary piece of décor in any home space. They also ship fast and free, so there’s not too much wait time. The TwinkleinTime star maps are entirely customizable, so you can make sure it’s exactly what they’ll love.

  1. Crescendo Wine Decanter

Allow your friend or partner to air out their wine from all the tannins in this sleek and contemporary wine decanter, in a crescendo shape.  Artistic and made with excellent quality and care, it will look stylish both with wine and sitting empty on a table or side-cart. It’s easy to pour spout and the loop shape also makes it easy to hold while you fill glasses.

  1. Succulent Planters or Arrangements

Succulents are a massively popular plant as of right now, and people are loving them.  They’re easy to care for (especially ones that you use fake succulents for) and they small and minimalist.  They don’t shed or grow too large, they are very low maintenance, and green is a very trendy, earthy color that goes with neutral tones. This set comes with three planters, white and smooth with gold stands, for a very contemporary look. Either pop in some fake ones or go for the real deal, and anyone is sure to love it as a gift.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or a family member or even a partner, any of these selections will make for something truly trendy and memorable.


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