8 New Game Apps You Need to Download Today

8 New Game Apps You Need to Download Today

The Best New Game Apps of 2018

If you are looking for the best new game apps in 2018, look no further than this article highlighting the best ones to download.

Wondering what the best new game apps are in 2018?

Well, it’s been an exciting year so far for the phone gaming industry.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, enjoy sports, or enjoy a good game of poker, we’ve got you covered with this list of our favorite 8 phone games of the year so far.

And don’t worry, you can find all these new game apps for both Android and iOS phones.

Best New Game Apps in 2018 for Android and iOS

Several of the top games dominating in the market right now seems to be classics with new and improved animation. And we’re not just talking about better saturation but striking visuals that are almost distracting to the game itself, in a good way.

1. Alto’s Adventure

An Editor’s Choice, Alto’s Adventure is one of those classic race-against-time types of game that everybody loves to forget time with. It’s about a man skiing (and almost flying) down snow-capped mountain slopes, trying to escape a dooming avalanche.

Combined with its epic music and backdrop of muted mountains, the game is almost therapeutic to play. For a few minutes (or an hour) you almost forget you’re running away from a deadly storm but having fun a nice time skiing down a picturesque mountain. It’s a classic man versus nature game that you can’t go wrong with.

2. Pako 2

With its adrenaline pumping music, Pako 2 is one of the top racing games right now on Android and iOS. Essentially your role in the game is to pick up and drop off people while the cops are hounding you down both on the ground and from the air. It’s a pretty simple cop and robbers game that puts you in the driving seat to roam around wherever you please. What makes it extra fun, however, are the little bonuses they hide everywhere for you to find.

Players get to drive through various terrains like the desert, the mountain, and the city. Players who love this game say they enjoy its classic arcade style graphics and addictive music.

3. Game Dev Tycoon

Want to test out your business skills as a game developer? Much like in real life, in Game Dev Tycoon, you’ll start as a game developer in the 80s. You’ll start by working from your bedroom and earn your way up to an actual office. You’ll get to experience the process of creating your own games, hiring and managing staff, global app testing, being scrutinized by the gaming industry and all the things that real game developers have to face every day.

Afterall, there are no rewards without risks and this is what Game Dev Tycoon is all about.

4. Uncivil War TCG

If enjoy tactical trading card games and are fascinated by the civil wars era, you might be interested in this indie newcomer, Uncivil War TCG. This fast-paced card game is stocked with illustrations from the 1860’s, complete with civil wars characters and music. You can play alone against the computer or you can test your skills against other players online. Each battle lasts a few minutes.

The unique combination of history and strategizing needed for this game makes it one of the most interesting new game apps today.

5. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a fantasy battle card game based on the Warcraft universe. It’s been highly rated consistently throughout the years and it’s not going anywhere. Hearthstone does a great job coming out with expansions regularly to keep its audiences on their toes.

In the game, you take on the roles of the heroes and battle your opponents using spells, Minions, and weapons. Fans love this game because the board is interactive, filled with hidden goods, and each card is played like a real object. Game rules can be learned quickly and each battle can last as short or as long as you want.

6. Real Racing 3

If you love cars and have the need for speed, look no further, Real Racing 3 is the game you’ve got to have on your phone. This game is the #1 racing game in over 100 countries with over 200 million downloads!

The game features over 140 impressive cars from Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and more. You start the game by customizing your dream car, choosing an interesting track from well-known destinations all over the world, and race against the computer or other drivers. Fast cars, beautiful settings, what more can we ask for?

7. Madden NFL Football

While you’re waiting for football season to roll around, download this game to create a memorable football season of your own. Become the GM of your own football franchise and experience what it’s like to handpick your own players into one team.

While picking players is exciting, it is, however, just one part of the game. The other parts require strategies, earning rewards, and unlocking new skills for the players as you go. Another cool thing about this game is when something big happens in real life, you can be sure they’ll show up in your game as well.

8. World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Don’t have the funds or time to go to Vegas right now? Don’t sweat it. World Series of Poker will let you play the game without having to get on the plane. Brought to you by the official poker’s tournament association, this game allows you to play with the best poker players in the world online and keep your poker skills sharp.

After you download the game, you can start buying in at a table right way (with digital money) and start playing against real players. As you prove yourself in this poker world, other locations, purses, and levels will open up to you. In between rounds, there are also slot machines for you to play with and get chips to fuel your next game just like the real Vegas.


There you have it, our top 8 favorite new game apps of the year for both Android and iOS phones. We hope you found something that will provide you with hours of endless fun or at least make that line at the doctor’s go faster.

If you’re interested in hearing what other exciting games are coming out for the year, be sure to check out the games section on our website.



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