ACT FAST: Galaxy Invaders, Phone Drive, Cart Cow, all FREE for a Limited Time!

ACT FAST: Galaxy Invaders, Phone Drive, Cart Cow, all FREE for a Limited Time!

They’re fun! They’re useful! They’re FREE!

It’s the Free App Roundup and we’re here to show you what’s quick and easy and cheapest on the market right now. So act fast! They won’t stay free forever!


Cart Cow (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

When Line Rider came out years ago, we saw a multitude of clones release to the public. The premise was simple. Get your stick figure from Point A to Point B by drawing a line between them. Keep up your momentum and get them there in one piece without crashing. Cart Cow really isn’t much different in that sense. Draw the line for your cow in the cart, be mindful of the (actually impressive) physics that work incredibly well, and even grab a few special objects here and there to get you past seemingly impossible places across the highly detailed and bright maps.


Phone Drive (iOS, $1.99 FREE)

Phone Drive has to be one of the most useful apps I’ve come across on the app store in some time. Phone Drive essentially eliminates a need for a portable flash drive, a need that is frankly lessening these days with the growing popularity of cloud storage. Phone Drive allows you to store and manage files, of just about any type, on your iPhone or iPad. By running the app, you can connect to it through USB and iTunes on your PC or Mac or, and I find this the most useful, through your Wi-Fi network or even Bluetooth connection. A simple Drag and Drop interface allows you to transfer your files straight from your computer to your mobile. There’s little else to it. In addition to storage options, Phone Drive includes a small group of access apps and utilities, from a PDF and document reader to a multimedia player. This way you don’t have to go searching for your files through whatever app it is you use to handle your other files.


Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invader (Android, $0.99 FREE)

While this version of Galaxy Storm limits you to one life per level, which honestly means that it’s not quite the full game for free, I had to include this game in the list. When it comes to Space Invaders and Galaga, I will always have a soft spot. Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invaders is a fun little clone of both of these games, combining their game play into one game that so quickly becomes chaotic and frustrating, but the type of frustrating that keeps you playing over and over and over. Luckily, I didn’t have to sink a pocket full of quarters into this game like I was known to in the old-school arcade cabinets from when I was a kid, but I feel like I would have happily if it required it. There’s little to no learning curve to be impacted by and the visuals pay homage to its predecessor just as well as the gameplay. Powerups, the ambiguous multi-colored enemies, your little ship that slides back and forth with a swipe of the finger; if you loved the originals you’ll love this little offering.


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