ACT FAST! Once Paid, Now Free; Trimaginator, Glue Knight, and More!

ACT FAST! Once Paid, Now Free; Trimaginator, Glue Knight, and More!

Everyone loves a good deal. No one, and I mean no one, more than us here at So in the light of that, we have gathered some of the best deals you’ll find for your smartphone here in one, handy-dandy place just for your, our loyal readers! Act Fast, as always!


App Alchemy (iOS for iPad, $4.99 FREE)

If you consider yourself a new generation photographer, one that focuses on the ease and quickness of a good photography app rather than a suite of programs of a thousand dollar camera, this this is the app for you, at least to help you narrow down what you should be using on your device and, even better, HOW you should be using it. It features a complete rundown of over 40 apps that the author of the iPhone Obsessed Series, Dan Marcolina, considers essential to your photography needs. Included as well are a large amount of image formulas, resource links, and solid examples of what you’ll find through the use of each of these tips included in this app.


Trimaginator (iOS, $1.99 FREE)

Keeping in the flow of image manipulation apps for your iOS-powered device, we have Trimaginator. By either manipulating an existing photo or taking one from within the app, the powerful algorithm made known by a 1934 mathematician named Boris Delaunay, Trimaginator breaks down your image into its basic essentials and leaves a visible, detailed photo that is given an air of depth through the standing triangle mesh it now exists as. With a simple touch interface of dragging to add multiple points of focus, you are able to manipulate the geometry of an image in an instant, all while drawing the focal shapes across your chosen photo.

 glue knight

Glue Knight (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

Frustration, thy name is Glue Knight. On a level that I feel is comparable to Dark Souls, understand that this game will see you killing your little avatar more times than you may be comfortable with. Your reflexes will need to nearly be equal with a pod-racing Jedi to bring this game down in only a few attempts. Beyond superhuman abilities, be prepared to learn the proper sequence as you die over, and over and over. Keeping in the standing trend of beautiful low-pixel graphics with a good, solid field of depth, Glue Knight is pretty and quite a bit of mindless fun, even if it makes you want to scream.


Clipstro (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

If you can make a Vine, you can make this. This app has one simple job. By taking a simple four second video, you can create a still image of a series of actions shots. 1 subject, multiple locations, all in the same scene. It’s a massive amount of fun and incredibly easy to use. It’s an absolute must-have for skateboarders and trick riders looking to get that awesome capture of their tricks. This one has been free for a few days now, so look for it to rise back to the three dollar mark before long.


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