Back from a long sickness and a fresh holiday, I’m here to bring you my old and trusted Free App Roundup! Today we’ll be focusing on iOS and the myriad of fun and useful (and sometimes not useful) apps that you just can’t go without?

Why can’t you go without them?

Because right now they’re FREE! So, as always, ACT FAST and grab them before you have to give up that precious money in your pocket!

Let’s Go!

alien blue

Alien Blue ($1.99 FREE)

Reddit is, without a doubt, one of the most trafficked websites in the world that isn’t solid social media. There is very, very little that you won’t be able to find on Reddit, from the latest and greatest recipes for your holiday dinner, to help with your homework, and the best (and weirdest) stories about dating and relationships; you can quite literally find it all and lose yourself in the site for hours and hours. And up until recently, Reddit on your mobile was something that never saw any official-level applications released from the website. Bacon Reader and Alien Blue were fantastic, but there was always something falling short with them, an accountability that often the official stamp sometimes gave to an application, even if it was just in our heads. Well, Reddit has finally stepped up and taken on long-running 3rd party app, Alien Blue, as their official Reddit App. Usually pricing at a few dollars, you can get the full version of the app TODAY ONLY for free! Do yourself a huge favor if you’re a redditor like myself. Get. It. Now.


Quantum Galaxy ($19.99 FREE)

Without a doubt, Quantum Galaxy is the most expensive application I’ve ever featured on our Free App Roundup here at Let’s face it; twenty dollars for an application, especially one that’s a game, is a lot to ask for. Is Quantum Galaxy worth twenty bucks? Honestly, no. But that answer doesn’t mean it’s not an incredible mobile game. What you have is a stunningly pretty HD space-shooter. Fly your ship through the galaxy over the course of a large number of long levels and, in what’s an on-rails shooter, fight off a massive host of enemies. Sound familiar? It should. In many ways, my impression of Quantum Galaxy is a leveling-based, upgradable, and much prettier Galaga, or at least any number of the huge amount of clones that exist in the classic arcade genre of space shooters. You simply are getting more features and much, much prettier graphics. The fact that many of the levels randomize enemy types will keep an already long game from going stale far too quickly, as many mobile games tend to do these days. But, the quality of the gaming will definitely keep some coming back even into a genre that’s been rehashed a thousand times. Drop in fast with a very short learning curve; this should be the tag line to Quantum Galaxy as it’s the biggest selling point to me, not the dazzling visuals. That and the current free price.


Toy Plane (FREE)

I love runners. Well, the runner-style games. Though nothing against all you runners out there! I’m one of you! But if you hand me a device with a great little endless runner, I’ll likely hang onto it for a while. It’s a silly guilty pleasure of mine and I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon. To me, runners aren’t necessarily about the gameplay of the game itself as the gameplay is basically going to be the same no matter what bells and whistles you attack. I love the style of them. I’ve seen some stunningly beautiful runners out there, but also loved some that were little more than pixels dodging one another. Toy Plane is cutesy and reminds me a bit of beloved movies like Toy Story and the like. And while you won’t find yourself holding a game of the year with Toy Plane, you would do well if you love collecting these little games like I do. Manage fuel for your plane, collect the classic run of coins and gems and, the better you do, the higher your star rating at the end of each course. A simple, recognizable setup for a genre that is notoriously easy to play but just as ridden with crap as any other.


Nameless: The Hackers RPG ($4.99 FREE)

The JRPG genre of game is a tireless workhorse that seems to be almost never-ending in its ability to churn out a 50/50 chance of either horrible games or very good ones. And while this isn’t exclusive to JRPGs, it does seem that they are much more noticeable in them than they are elsewhere. The anime style isn’t for everyone, and the storytelling can, at times, be testy and fragmented and especially confusing. And I’m not just talking about Nameless: The Hackers. So, when I bring up our subject game, you understand what you’re getting. It is, without a doubt, a good game. It’s strong and well put together, has good visuals and a decently easy user interface to control the game. But in the end, you are getting what you expect when some sign up for this sort of gaming. Maybe that’s what brings so many back to the genre. Me? I enjoy it, but it’s not something that I would be willing to pay a usual five dollars for, given the propensity for overextending a genre the way JRPGs often do. But if you’re looking for a free RPG with an interesting story and can overlook the zealous drama in presentation that the game brings, and aren’t looking to really spend anything at all, you can’t do any worse than this game. When the game goes back to being $5, I feel like the obvious attention grab that it is will have done it job. Maybe it will introduce someone new to the genre to a JRPG. Maybe it will reinforce an indifference. In the end, though, you’ll have a free game that is mildly fun to play and cost you nothing but a few taps of the finger.


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