ACT NOW and Catch These Paid Apps While they’re 100% Free!

ACT NOW and Catch These Paid Apps While they’re 100% Free!

Once again here at, we find ourselves surrounded by some of the best deals on the net for paid apps that are now clocking in as free for iOS! As always, act fast on these offers as they won’t stay free for long!


Cooking Dash (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

If you were a fan of the classic Shockwave-based game Diner Dash or any of its many clones, Cooking Dash will be no surprise to you. However, with updated graphics, smoother interface, the addition of four separate mini-games to help you prepare your customer’s food, and over 50 levels and 5 themes, you’ll find something new in this offering from PlayFirst, Inc.


SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard (iOS, $1.99 FREE)

While the level of monitoring that SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard offers isn’t necessarily something that many users look for, there are quite a few out there that will be pleased with the amount of information that is easily available and accessible from this handy application. A simple interface allows quick monitoring of current memory usage, background processes that the basic monitoring from iOS may miss, available disk space and so much more. It will easily give an amount of insight into your phone’s operations that you were not aware was possible.

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Wraithborne (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

I love a good RPG, though a true-to-form RPG is hard to find these days in a mobile capacity. Wraithborne happens to easily fall into a class that ranks high amongst my personal favorite RPGs. With a wonderfully dark fantasy story accompanied by graphics that can stand up to consoles in many ways due to the Unreal Engine that powers them, this Freemium (yes, it does have in-app purchases, but they’re not required) title from indie developer Alpha Dog Games. A classic story surrounds the mythos of Wraithborne, though with a twist that leaves the part of you wanting something a bit more menacing very satisfied.


Zombie Highway (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

Sometimes you don’t need something that requires a massive learning curve and volumes of backstory to understand. Sometimes you need to get as far down the road from the raging zombie horde as you possibly can. Sometimes you just need to survive. Zombie Highway by Auxbrain is exactly what you need for possibly hours of mindless fun. Tilt your phone to avoid the obstacles on the road and tap your screen to shoot the zombies that jump on your vehicle. Rinse and repeat and see how far you can make it and how long you can last.


Smart Baby Touch HD (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

Handing your phone off to your child can easily be the best way to occupy them on a long trip. However, if you want something educational for your yelling toddler, this is one of the better apps you’ll find. With interactive flash cards (over 450 over several categories) that involve visuals, text and correlating sound, this simple app will keep your little one captivated. And the customizable aspect of the app, allowing you to add your own personal photos and recordings, will help your child learn to identify family and friends as quickly as a barnyard animal.


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