All In One Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Solution Suited For Employees

All In One Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Solution Suited For Employees

Time Management and the record of attendance control has taken, in recent years, special prominence in the human resources departments of both Private Companies, Public Administrations and Organisms of all kinds. Having a Time Tracking tool allows the HR departments to quantify the effective presence of their workers, as well as compliance with the schedules established for the proper functioning of the company or organization.

Record Your Employees’ Workday?

The National Court has published a ruling that imposes on companies the duty to record the daily work of their workers. All in One Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Solution can effectively manage each of the aspects that have to do with work periods and absences.

If you want to offer a greater personal and work-life balance, you can define time zones of obligatory and flexible presence. Bet on All in One Time & Attendance Solution solution that helps you overcome any obstacle and facilitates the day to day of your employees!

Control Of Human Resources

Presence control is one of the modules included within All in One, the HR suite offered by Mitrefinch. In this way, you will have the necessary tools to carry out the optimal control of the personnel: the presence and absence of the employees, as well as the control of the schedules with the objective of promoting the progressive growth of the company and improving the workers’ performances.

Management Of Absences

With the management of absences, you can make the record of attendance control and monitoring of absenteeism of your workers, their vacations, own matters and annotation of overtime. It also allows the control of absenteeism balances.

Characteristics Of Absence Management:

  • Your employees can make permission requests from the employee portal through configurable validation flows and by applying the hierarchy of commands.
  • Open definition of permits, absences, bags of overtime with expiration, awards for seniority, etc.
  • Check the history and balance of holidays and permits.
  • Integrated with presence control.
  • Notifies the Payroll Management module to apply the economic effects derived from ITs, accidents and other unpaid permissions.
  • Communication of the pending holidays to be enjoyed for payment in payroll settlements.
  • Obtain absenteeism indicators through business intelligence.

Presence Management

With the presence control software, you can get any information about the activity of your workers such as presence at night, holidays, time by production lines, time per task, rest times, limitation of travel time between buildings, etc.

The integration with the payroll will allow you to make payments for hours, generate parts of work, pay overtime with different coefficients depending on whether they are at night, festive, etc.

Characteristics Of Presence Management:

  • Define your own presence accumulations so that they are calculated from all the available information on the activities of signings, slots, shifts, vacations and other permissions.
  • Totalize the accumulated per day, week, month and year
  • Configure multiple reports and publish them in the employee portal.
  • Your employees can check the employee’s portal for any of their hours worked, unjustified absences, theoretical hours, overtime, etc.
  • Allows you to request manual markings from the self-service.
  • Make markings from the virtual terminal of the employee portal.
  • Parameterize any incident, from a medical visit, work outside the office, rest time, etc.

The Time & Attendance Solution is the basis for all the calculations performed by the presence control. The human resources personnel control system is able to generate the schedules from the calendars and templates of weekly shifts or with work shift cycles.

These are a few points that actually make the All in One Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Solution suited for Employees different from other Time & Attendance online solutions

All-In-One Time & Attendance Solution Suited For Employees Main Features Are:

Leave Management

Simplify time-off requests with employee self-service features;

Initially simplistic, the management of leave and absence of employees has been somewhat complicated in recent years. The arrival of All-in-One Time & Attendance Solution, the different types of absences has forced HR managers to manage other counters specific to each type of absence. As more and more companies are no longer closed, there is a need for rotation among staff, hence the need to manage team schedules. Collective agreements have also changed the standardization of paid holidays.

Time Allocation (TAS)

The use of a Time Allocation system optimizes the potential of its employees;

Projects are full of resources that contribute to success. With this system, its executives assign employees to specific projects. Appointments and the percentage of time each employee spends are recorded and calculated at a central location. Managers know how much time an employee has to spend on project tasks.

Attendance Reporting

Mitrefinch has this Solution Suited for your Employees;

Mitrefinch has built-in attendance reporting, which allow you to customize the data to improve these trends. You no longer need to collect paper documents and re-enter data to understand employees’ attendance habits. Instead, the numbers you need for strategic decisions are in one place.

From the moment employees begin a work shift, through data transfer to billing and the creation of standard reports, you have access to various classification options.

Clocking Options

Flawlessly capture time using the Mitrefinch stunning clocking options;

We offer a wide range of options for the Capture Time and Attendance system, which includes a variety of clock terminals and software-based clock solutions. We have a terminal that adapts to almost all environments, and the terminals can be mixed according to your needs.

Health & Safety

The Mitrefinch solution Increase the responsibility of your employees through real-time visibility of your workforces, this helps you and your workforces to be in win-win situations.

FMLA Tracking

Ensure that all regulations are adhered to. All In One Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Solution Suited for Employees do not compromise the FMLA Tracking out there.


Our experience with the Time Management module has been positive since the All-in-One Time & Attendance solution has allowed us to have an optimized time management process, which translates into an improvement of internal processes, accurate information and without duplication, and employees more productive.


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