Android Lollipop 5.1 Now Available for Nexus Devices, Coming Soon for Others

Android Lollipop 5.1 Now Available for Nexus Devices, Coming Soon for Others

It seems that, without delay and much like clockwork, Google is pushing the latest big version update to Android Lollipop. Already starting to roll out to specific devices, Android 5.1 seems to be making some good changes to the much loved latest OS from Google.

So, is your device compatible with the newest Android OS update?

We’ll cover that first, before we get into some of the details of what 5.1 is going to bring to your device.

First and foremost, this is the cutting edge of what Android is going to be offering for a while. So, if you’re rocking an Android device that’s still powered by Android 4.0 or one KitKat’s updates, then don’t look for your device to suddenly update to 5.1. One of the biggest drawbacks of having a multitude of device manufacturers making Android powered technology is that you get an inconsistency across the board as for what is getting updated.

However, if you are lucky enough to be running one of the newest devices, or namely something of the Nexus lineup, then you can expect your device to update to 5.1 at almost any moment. The Nexus line is the flagship line of phones for the entire Android OS as Nexus is produced by Google itself. So, for future reference, if you’re wanting something that will almost always have the latest and greatest updates despite being a couple versions behind, you may want to consider the Nexus phone and tablet. I’m a fan and will likely continue to be as much. So if you have a Nexus phone, simply jump to Settings, then System Update (or About Phone and then System Update) to see if you’re good to go.

The Nexus 5

The Nexus 5

So what does 5.1 have that 5.0 doesn’t?

Don’t expect an entirely new OS. Most big updates like this one aren’t so much visual updates as they are changes to how efficient the phone operates. So, if you look at the update notes, expect a lot of mumbo jumbo you may not understand. There are a few nifty tweaks, though.

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to stop all interruptions from coming through to your phone if you have an alarm set to go off within the next 12 hours. So, sleeping and just want to crash till the alarm goes off? 5.1 will keep you from being bugged about that pesky text or Facebook update till that alarm goes off. It’s not a huge innovation, but anything that lets me sleep a bit better is a godsend.

Throughout the Play Store you will notice some pleasant aesthetic changes in the form of smooth new animations that swoop and swirl on the screen as you navigate the already beautifully built Material Design shop.

5.1 is really going to take advantage of the powerful set of specs that the phones it’s being pushed to first are sporting. And, sooner than later, it will be rolling out to the Nexus line of tablets to really polish up an already impressive set of devices.


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