The Android News Roundup: The Nexus 9, Droid Turbo Fast Charge, and more!

The Android News Roundup: The Nexus 9, Droid Turbo Fast Charge, and more!

With a lot happening today, it was hard to choose just one thing to bring to you, our loyal readers! So, instead, we have the fabulous Android News Roundup! Check out the latest of what’s happening out there with Google and its host of devices!


In an attempt to curb the number of applications that claim to be free but base most of their functionality on in-app purchases, or simply outright lying about its free status, Google is now require developers to list their physical address in the details of all applications submitted to the Google Play Store. While some are concerned with having their addresses listed for the world to see, Google seems to believe this will cut down on the sometimes staggering number of spam-sending applications on the market.


According to the twitter of MoDaCo co-founder Paul O’Brien, an anonymous tipster has claimed that the HTC Nexus 9, the only Nexus device to be rumored this year, will be released on October 16th. Given Google’s propensity for releasing the newest versions of the Android OS with the Nexus line of tablets and phones, it’s expected that along with the Nexus 9 we will see the release of the already vaunted Android L.


Announced at the Google I/O was a new feature for the quickly growing Chromecast market. Many users are starting to report that the option of “Casting Backdrop” has been appearing on their devices. It seems that this will allow the user to change the background image displayed by Chromecast when it’s not in use. Many of the details are still hazy, but it seems to have a tie to your photo gallery on Google+ or from a stream of your choice.

 kindle fire HD

In an attempt to compete directly with the iPad Mini, Amazon is revamping the dying Kindle Fire device and released the Fire HD at a low price of $99 for a 6 inch tablet. It will be partnered with a 7 inch version at $139 and both will be shipping next month. The OS is still a version of Android KitKat and the internals are still unimpressive for the current product market, but the $99 price point will make tablets achievable by those that couldn’t afford one before.

 droid turbo maybe

In an attempt to compete with Apple’s incredibly fast charging times, Motorola is looking to release soon what is tentatively being called the Droid Turbo, though it’s listed under the codename Quark, which is slated to have a fast-charging feature. Already teased is the Droid Landing, another device by Motorola Mobility to possibly feature fast-charging. Release dates are still yet unknown, though it’s expected to be within a month or less.


Based on the upcoming Christopher Nolan sci-fi movie Interstellar, Paramount Pictures has released a solar-system building game that not only allows you to explore your own created star system but to share and explore those created by others. It even features Newtonian Physics and gravitational fields to contend with while moving through the space between each cosmic body. It’s being considered a pertinent and different take on the movie tie-in game.


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