App Indexing to Suggest Mobile Apps via Google Search

App Indexing to Suggest Mobile Apps via Google Search

Nowadays mobile apps are becoming more and more important, and more pervasive. Anything and everything we need is reachable via Internet. People today are constantly on the move, and they use their smartphones and accompanying apps in order to get there. It does not matter if you use mobile phones, tablets or any other mobile devices; all those devices will provide you with the information you need.

Something has drastically changed over the last few years, and that’s the way people search for certain information. Now, people search information not just from web, but from apps they have previously installed. The customers are on the go all the time, and it is easier for them to use an app, instead search the web. That’s why mobile apps are so important, and one can profit from them greatly.


Mobile apps allow buyers to have all the desired info under their fingertips. It does not matter what business you are in, a mobile app can help you to drive more customers in, and to retain them. The first thing a person does when in search for a certain product is the web research. If you have a business which is available online, and in addition to that, if you have a supporting mobile app that’s a huge plus for you. Users can download it, and make an online purchase.

When the content and all needed information was available only via websites, Google had pretty basic and straightforward job. Google had to index the content and connect users to the most relevant content based on their search. However, nowadays mobile apps fill in a large part of the space which was once occupied by websites. Google had to make some adjustments. One of those adjustments is its app indexing program. The program is in charge of introducing specific content to mobile searches. Let’s take, for example, a local restaurant. Google could always point you towards the Yelp app which you have previously installed on your smartphone, but the thing is, that works only for the apps you already have installed. Google is making a step forward and uses app indexing in order to gain and introduce its users to some new apps.

From now on, searches you make via your Android mobile phone will suggest an app you do not have yet. You are not obligated to download and install an app Google suggests, but you will have a choice, and of course you will be able to ignore it. This novelty is quite welcome, and it will certainly be of use to many or us.


App developers for Android operating system will be able to integrate indexing links in such a way that they will attract new users, and they will also be able to re-involve the already existing users.

This new development will have a great and positive impact on app developers, and will certainly promote apps even more. That will help develop healthy competition which will be of help to final users.



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