Apple Watch Waterproof Feature Makes it Unique Wearable

Apple Watch Waterproof Feature Makes it Unique Wearable

Bought an Apple watch, but want to keep using it under water? You would be worried about it to use your expensive iOS wearable while enjoying it in the pool. You don’t need to worry about it, as tests proved we can use Apple watch in water for 15 minutes.

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The Apple’s watch revealed yesterday April 24th, 2015, and it is now on hands to test. One of the early user test shows watch is pretty water resistant. The test shows watch was still ticking after 15 minutes of under water use. The testers worked on the device a little as well, through capacitive touch screen have a habit to enthusiast out and do whatever they want when use their swatch under water.

We see that Apple doesn’t specifically play with the water resistance in their advertising. They only reference about it on at the bottom of their specification list.

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It would be a good reason that the Apple watch is “water resistant”, it’s hardly waterproof. The Apple Watch’s water resistance feature is valued at IPX7, which means that it must work under water up as deep as 1M for 30 minutes. If you are going to take it deeper than this water would bring it to the fate and it may make the watch off. After spending more time in pool while wearing this expensive smartwatch you wouldn’t be able to use it again if you are going to cross the limited water deepness and slatted time, so must have to keep it somewhere in dry before joining the pool party.

What How He is Plying with Apple Watch Under Water!

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In another test that splash the Apple watch into the water, by taking a five-minute shower complete with soap and shampoo. At the end of the shower, the watch was found in working condition, unscathed and responsive. The testers think the sports models of Apple watch are water resist, but they can’t say the same statement about their other models.

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They take another test by putting the watch into the water tub and absolutely nothing happen. It was still working after spending 5 minutes in the water, but it was not deeper than 3 feet.

Now! What’s going to be your decision about using this extraordinary Apple device underwater? The above shared FoneFox’s video would motivate you to buy the watch, as it is ready to use in all weather conditions.


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