AVG Security Research Found Top Battery Draining Apps

AVG Security Research Found Top Battery Draining Apps

Apps are making our work easier in order to use any OS smartphone, but most people are using Android and iOS phones that have a bundle of useful app collection. No doubt apps give us a great using experience but on the other hand some of the apps are eating our phone’s battery a lot that causes to drop some of our important phone calls.

The popular security company AVG does a research on it and found some of the most popular but top battery draining apps that you would be installed in your phone. The company’s experts examine all of the android apps that everyone has installed in their phone and tell us which app is draining your battery.

battery draining apps

The worst offenders

There is a pre-installed Samsung’s app named “bloatware” got the 2nd place which is draining your battery by starting automatically when you turn on your phone.

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We all are the users of Facebook and you would be amazed to know Facebook Android App is among the top five apps that are consuming your phone’s battery life. Entertainment is an important part of the smartphone if you are listening to your music with Spotify app it is impacting a lot on your phone as well as draining your phone’s data. A huge number of social networking apps like Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook are among the top of the list.

apps that stop draining apps

AVG research ranked some of the gamming android apps separately that would be considered as worst for your phone’s battery life. These apps are included Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga that took the top 3 spots. The research found Clash of Clans and Boom Beach as the worst games for your battery life these are spotted among the top 10s.

If you are the reader of amazon kindle books and twitting whole day when you have time but not logging-out from the apps these are impacting lot your phone’s battery.

tops battery draining game apps

Slideshare.net updated the report with whole details; you can take a look of entire details here. This is a comprehensive research based on battery draining and performance draining. The AVG researches give a list of these apps as well as tell us the solutions.

most used draining apps

What are the Solutions

Every problem has a solution, if you have installed these apps in your phone and don’t want to remove them. AVG suggested some of the tricky ways to save your phone’s battery by:

  • Reducing your phone’s brightness
  • Keeping these apps off when not using
  • Turning off their location services
  • Keep updating those apps


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