The Best Apps on iOS for the Upcoming School Year

The Best Apps on iOS for the Upcoming School Year

Student life can be hectic and confusing at times. We’ve all been there before and know that keeping yourself organized is the best way to stay on the path to success while school is in session. knows this all too well and we are here to help. There are countless apps out there that claim to make your life at school easier by just using them. And while many deliver, just as many fall short. We’ve compiled a list of apps that will help keep you on the path you need to get your assignments done on time, keep your life organized, and overall succeed during the school months.



This quick and easy app allows you you keep track of nearly every aspect of your studies, from assignments and courses, to your instructors and the schedules they want you to keep. With customizable alarms, colors, and notifications, in no time iHomework can get you in gear and in sync with your scholarly life.


Evernote Peek

Incredibly useful and easy to use, Evernote boasts that it is the best note-taking application on the market. The iPad version allows you to take your notes through writing, speaking, or even sketching on the screen, which Evernote will then detect and turn them into study notes for you. The note taking app on the iPhone version allows you to share and sync your notes across several locations by allowing high organization to your note-taking.


Wolfram Alpha

Considered as a wonderful way to check, double-check, and triple-check all your math questions, Wolfram Alpha can offer a peace of mind few other math or calculator apps can. Granting visual representations of formulas and easy to follow explanations of how to solve each input, Wolfram Alpha proves itself to be a wonderful tool to use over the course of your academic career. It’s not just available on iOS, as it can be found for Android, Nook, and the Kindle Fire.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an innovative and novel approach to the idea of learning. A free app, it offers more than 4000 videos on a range of topics regarding educating yourself. From the Sciences to the Arts and more. With self-guided courses, testing, and progress tracking, Khan Academy is out to challenge just what higher education means to the world amongst an ever-growing tuition rate worldwide.



A longtime staple of the overnight cram session, Cliffsnotes has been in use with students across the world since the late 1950s. The iOS app helps you carry these notes with you and helps you break down a method of studying each assignment. With Cram Plan and Full Plan options, deep-plot summaries and quizzing, this app will help you stay on top of the piece of literature you’re reading, though we here at advise you to still read the full book as well. An audio function allows you to listen to the notes during the long walk back to the dorm or a night while you attempt to relax.


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