Best Free Remote PC Apps for Windows

Best Free Remote PC Apps for Windows

Having an option to control a PC remotely is a great aid in many different ways. Not only does it offer time-efficiency of not having to commute to another location but it also allows you to help people you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise (in another country or even on a different continent). Next, it is quite cost-effective and eco-friendly, seeing how there is no actual commute taking place. Finally, it is client-friendly and allows you to resolve some of the greatest problems of your clients in a matter of minutes instead of making them wait for hours or days until you can attend to their problems. This being said, here are a few best remote PC apps that you might find useful.

1.      TeamViewer

It would be simply absurd not to start a remote PC app list with anything else than a Team Viewer, seeing how this particular software stands as a poster child of the entire branch. Its best trait is that it is exactly as complicated as you need it to be. What this means is that the app itself has a ton of extra features which are completely optional. This allows you the freedom of using Team Viewer as you see fit. The installation is also extremely simple and it doesn’t require any advanced settings such as firewall reconfiguration or a router alteration.

2.      AeroAdmin

Speaking of simple to use apps, it is vital that we mention AeroAdmin. This particular program is recommended for first time users, seeing how it has a simple few-steps long installation process and is even easier to use. All you need here is the installed app on both devices and an ID/IP of the client you want to control remotely. Like most of its niche counterparts, this software is completely free for use by anyone. This means that aside from hiring IT services company to manage your company’s IT, you now have one more way of saving money on your company’s digital services.

3.      Windows Remote Desktop Connection

In a case where you don’t feel comfortable downloading a third-party software (for whatever reason), Microsoft Windows has its own inbuilt remote software called simple Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Setting it up is somewhat a bit complicated when compared to other tools in this list, but the added layer of security is something many users will appreciate. Unfortunately, the downside of this software is its inability to control several devices at the same time. While this may not be something that most people worry about, there are situations in which this is a deal-breaker.

4.      Seecreen

One of the things about remote software is that there always seems to be urgency for it. When you don’t have the luxury of time on your side, the greatest advantage lies in being able to download, setup and use the tool in the shortest possible amount of time. This being said, you might want to look no further than Seecreen. This tiny app (500 KB in size) can be downloaded, installed and used in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support clipboard syncing but seeing how it is currently only at its 0.8.2 version, there is always hope that this issue might get remedied sometime in the future.

In Conclusion

Even though all of the afore-listed apps are completely different, sometimes the reason for you choosing one instead of another will be completely subjective. In other words, the situation might require only the simplest of processes, which will make the user-friendliness of the interface particularly tempting. In other situations, you will value the expediency or the number of devices that can be connected to this platform at the same time. In other words, there is no single optimal remote PC app and choosing the right one for you may be quite situational.


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