The Best Weather Service – WeatherBug App

The Best Weather Service – WeatherBug App

The Best Weather Service; WeatherBug

For many years since its founding, WeatherBug has provided the most comprehensive weather information compared to any other service on the planet. Not only are the weather services updated each second, but the information displayed is also the easiest to read. The interface of all of the platforms on which WeatherBug runs is the simplest and all one sees is the most relevant information they need. The icons employed by this service provider are also very easy to understand given that they are what people are used to in their daily lives.

Weather Details

Visiting the WeatherBug website or using the mobile apps will lead the user to a section with the map locating their current location. WeatherBug will then automatically display the weather details of that particular area.Among the details displayed in the ‘weather details,’ section are the windchill, dew point, humidity, atmospheric pressure, sunrise, sunset, daily rain, monthly rain, average wind, wind gust, the current phase of the moon, and the ultraviolet (UV) index. With these details, one can determine what activities they can engage in during the day. If for example, the UV index is higher than the recommended healthy level, one should definitely apply sunscreen.

Weather Forecast

What good is a weather service if it cannot display the weather forecast for the given area? WeatherBug has the best weather forecasting capabilities as they are the most accurate. Unlike other weather services, WeatherBug provides the weather forecast for the day and the night. It will predict the highest and lowest temperatures of the day and indicate whether the high or low will occur during the day or at night. The forecast will also indicate the expected dew point (high and low), the humidity percentage (high and low) and the wind speeds and the direction the winds will blow from. The forecast on WeatherBug is also made for the next two days to allow for the proper planning.


WeatherBug has both traffic and weather cameras which will allow the user experience the weather and the traffic before heading out. Rather than simply telling the user to avoid a certain route, WeatherBug goes a step further by showing them the actual traffic conditions for better planning. Also, showing the actual weather conditions is a better planning tool than simply being shown figures on the temperature and the amount of rain.

Other Features

Besides the already-impressive features explained above, WeatherBug has many other features which will not only allow the user plan their days better but also keep them safe. First of all is the ‘spark lightning’ feature which indicates the closest lightning incidence in the last 30 minutes. ‘WeatherBug Home’ indicates how the average home will fare on such as the use of HVAC and other equipment in the home. The “hurricane center” indicates the satellite details of the current hurricanes in motion. All these features –plus much more- come with their specific recommendations. If for example, there is the risk of being struck by lightning, the service will warn the user to take cover.

The WeatherBug Apps

Besides providing its services on all browsers from anywhere in the world, WeatherBug provides apps for the major platforms namely the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Desktop, Mac App Store, and the Chrome Webstore. The WeatherBug iOS app and the Android app all feature the best capabilities to ensure the best detail for their planning. The apps work with very minimal system requirements which ensure that they can run on as many devices as possible. They come bundled with all the features available on the website to ensure that users make the most of the information. For example, one will quickly access the current weather details from their location, the hourly prediction for the weather conditions, and the other details they require. The apps also provide real time data on interactive maps which the user can drag around the screen to find specific information. The lightning feature is also bundled in this app to indicate how safe you are from flash lightning and what to do to be safe. The app has 18 maps to visualize the weather around the user besides the real-time weather updates.


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