Buy Apple Watch Soon, not from Apple’s Store, but from Six other Shops

Buy Apple Watch Soon, not from Apple’s Store, but from Six other Shops

You would be amazed to read that Apple’s upcoming iWatch would not be sold like company’s other products. Apple’s watch will be available in other stores when they will finally land in the market today (April 24th 2015). In order to buy the watch you may require an online reservation by making an appointment for a fitting of store, and then there will be some places from where you can pick your watch with cash in hand. It is being noticed there would be six specific stores that will have iWatch stock to sold out.

The Stores are:

  • Maxfield: Los Angles, USA
  • Colette: Paris, France
  • The Corner: Berlin, Germany
  • 10 Corso Como: Milan, Italy
  • Dover Street Market in UK and Japan

The New York Times reported these highly famous stores will have Apple watch in stock and these are limited. The reports show Dover Street Market would only have 1,000 watches in their two stores. This is what if you are thinking to buy this new smart watch and here’s what the Apple watch brings inside.

“Apple simply claimed the following features in the new watch”

The most personal device yet

apple watch personal featuresHave a complete source to find location and time on a tiny-size device on your wrist, Apple watch is the best technology so far. The watch helps you to be familiar with the things more conveniently and quickly. This device would be your most personal device ever.

Incredibly precise timepiece

Incredibly precise timepiece apple watch

The watch can display time in 50 milliseconds as on the ultimate global time standard. You can setup the display of your watch to show time in a more meaningful way relevant to your schedules. The company claimed to display more accurate time.

Keep you in Touch

apple watch touch feature

Apple watch brings all features you can communicate with more ease. The watch can make physical dimensions for notifications while wearing it on your wrists. Connect with your favorite people by sending, sketch, tap, and heartbeat; it also creates a simple tap on your wrist on receiving a message.

Track your fitness Level

apple watch fitness feature

Enjoy your workout plan while following your favorite fitness plan, the useful fitness app available in Apple watch helps with following ways:

  • Get some exercise
  • Show your daily progress
  • Motivate to move more and sit less

The watch helps you to follow a variety of popular workouts and keep learning about your fitness level and activity. You can set custom reminders to encourage yourself to be more fit.

The Different Looks of Apple Watch

apple watch designs

  1. Watch: stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases, sapphire crystal. A range of stylish bands
  2. Watch Sport: Anodized aluminum cases in silver or space gray. Straightened long-x glass. Different color
  3. Watch Edition: 10-karat gold cases in yellow or rose. Sapphire crystal. Exquisitely crafted bands and closures.



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