Call to Action Marketing

Call to Action Marketing

You may not even realise it, but call to action marketing is all around you. The main purpose in printed and online advertising, is to get users to complete an action using intriguing language within advertisements and web pages, persuading them to complete an action, such as ‘sign up or ‘click here’. There are many ways CTA marketing can be used effectively to get an immediate response from your audience, it’s all about capturing attention and curiosity.

Every mailing list you’ve signed up for, or every online ad you’ve clicked on over the years, more than likely came from effective Call to Action Marketing. Users are guided towards the desired action, perhaps it’s a free trial or sign up form, using design on advertisements or websites that focus on the task in hand.

The goal in its entirety, is to get users to complete the final action, in order for the company to gain members or sales. The action needs to be short and simple, so that the user does not have time to change their mind about completing the desired action, they need to respond directly, straight away.

Since the shift from print marketing to digital marketing, CTA has become much less cluttered over the years, as people begin to grow in confidence with digital. For example, CTA marketing has often seen within print magazines in the past, requiring the reader to fill in a form by hand, and post in to an address in order to receive a free copy.

These advertisements are often cluttered, full of text and imagery that simply is not necessary and therefore don’t tend to generate high response rates, as readers are not drawn to huge amounts of text on a page.

Digital CTA marketing techniques are able to say much more, with much less text. Generally, the simpler and easier an advertisement is, the higher the success rates are likely to be.  Effective CTA marketing techniques tend to be simple in design, with a real focus on the button or link that is the key to the action. These need to be the centre of the ad or webpage, to be the main area that the user’s eye is drawn to, in order to encourage as many people to sign up as possible. An unsuccessful ad or web page, will have an unclear CTA, lots of text and a cluttered website that does not make the action clear, visible and inviting to the user.

SeeLocal, a local online advertising platform, design bespoke ads and website pages, to ensure your calls to action are clear, visible and intriguing to your customers. Campaigns can be targeted towards target audiences based on a variety of factors, and retargeted to regain lost website traffic. A good CTA with intelligent, creative design and strategy can be the key to marketing success when paired with the right knowledge and expertise.


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