How Choose The Best Quality HeadPhones

How Choose The Best Quality HeadPhones

The promise of good music warms the heart, lifts the soul and drifts one to a different world. It is the delivery of the well-coordinated beats, lyric, and ambiance that makes the feeling even more heavenly. Such warmth is what you and I as music lovers look for in any song, but the mode of delivery is key to the experience.

That is the reason I introduce the concept of analyzing the quality of earphones as our primary avenue for good music. In a time when music is more dynamic, and technology creates us the right gadgets, it only begs for the analyzation of the qualities to look for in earphones. Prepare to go trough a thought provoking and awareness creation journey that will bequeath you with enough knowledge on what to look for in earphones or headphones

How to Choose Headphones - List Enthusiast

Fist consideration: Durability

Constant failure and poor functionality have no room in the choice of excellent headphones. Consider purchasing durable and tested headphones that will give you value for your money. Metal lined or fiber made earphones are more durable than plastic headphones since they can withstand stress. Heavy headphones prove durable also due to the ability to withstand stress and vibration from the music.

A good example is the Beats by Dre headphones. The headphones are partially fiber and plastic. Moreover, they comfortably withstand stress from high music vibration and the fiber cushions against attrition in the case of a fall.

Second consideration: Comfort

The joy of music is experiencing it in the most comfortable manner. One consideration is the point of contact between the ear and the headphones. In-ear headphones, maybe uncomfortable for some people more so for those in sports or heavily active.

However, for home entertainment, in-ear present a peerless experience and presents unique quality of music. We can also look comfort from the angle of freedom of movement. In this aspect, we select cordless headphones for they give maximum freedom of movement.

Electronic, rock and dancehall music lovers, must be real beneficiaries of cordless headphones. Elsewhere, over-ear headphones provide the ultimate feeling of quality music due to the cushion on the ear. Cushioning absorbs noise, caresses the ear and delivers smooth reverberations of music. Earbuds and on-ear headphones are ideal since they cause no irritation to the inner ear.

Third consideration: Sound

By sound I mean the quality of delivery, the balance of beats with the voice, integration of all harmony and musicals through an outlet. The best choice of earphones is those that give a balanced delivery such that each headphone delivers a dedicated pitch and it is easy to catch up with the rhythm. One aspect of quality music is the reduction of surrounding noise.

Over-ear and in-ear headphones provide a guarantee of noise reduction as they cover a larger part of the ears. Secondly, consider corded earphone over cordless to deliver exceptional music quality. However, the backbone of quality is not the position the headphone occupies but the drivers and built capability. For example, max bass DJ headphones way outdo any rival in the headphones sector.

The corded Sony ZX headphones series easily outshines its rivals Boss and beats by Dre. The secret is the configuration and drivers. Get to understand the type of drivers in use, the amp or Hertz capacity, and impedance of the headphones.

Fourth consideration: Corded and cordless headphones

Music is addictive and thus for most of us who are in action portability helps carry our music along. Portable headphones come in numerous forms, from Bluetooth to radio frequency and infrared earphones. The beauty of portable headphone is that they do not restrict movement and one can listen to music uninterrupted.

However, portable headphones need constant recharging to keep the adapter constantly on. For example, Apple’s new cordless in-ear buds create convivence of usage. The limit though is that the wireless capability only extends a certain distance for example 10 meter and the far you go from the source the fainter the quality of music. The convenience created by cordless music trades off the quality of music available.

For example, there exist a significant difference between phantom in-ear noise reduction headphones and Super Bass corded DJ headphones. Corded headphones receive power from the parent gadget thus experience full music quality capacity. Consider the purchase of cordless headphones if you are a trainer, rider, gym goer or engage in a constant vigorous physical activity.

They However, always remain as close to the parent equipment as possible for maximum music quality.

Consideration five. Portability.

Portability comes in the sense of size, flexibility, and ability to fit in a bag, pocket or any housing. Headphone size is the limit factor to portability. For example, the Super Bass DJ Headphones are large and thus difficult to store in a bag and cannot fit in the pocket. Such large frame headphones such as the Sony ZX series are crucial for occasional and specific entertainment activities such as during disc jockeying.

In simple terms, the bigger the headphones, the more difficult it is to transport them and the higher the chances of breakage. For example, the LG tone is easier to carry in comparison to the bass Bose. Static activities such as home entertainment, gaming, and DJ use heavy headphones that are less portable.

In context, the smaller earphones such as LG tone are portable and thus easy to carry along.


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