Clear – Best App to Delete Your Social Media Posts

Clear – Best App to Delete Your Social Media Posts

If you want to delete your social media posts, but you don’t have time to take care of all of your social media accounts to manually delete those posts, don’t worry a new app is here to help you.

This app can be connected with your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and analyzes your history and flag posts with unsuitable content. The app is following a combination of algorithms and “IBM’s Supercomputer Watson” to filter the available content on your social accounts.

Ethan Czahor created that app and made the headlines earlier in 2015, when he abruptly resigned in less than 48 hours after joining the job. From Jeb Bush’s operation after a sequence of years-old aggressive tweets textured — some of which involved imageries of women as “sluts” and hat speeches about being judged up by gay men at a San Francisco gym.

Clear app to delete offensive posts

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Czahor the creator of that app added his views and shared tweets were “harmless” jokes, leftovers of his time with an improved comedy collection, which were engaged out of situation.

Get the Clear App Today! (iOS version is available but it is not for android yet)

“I was very well aware going in, [politics] was a one-strike-and-you’re-out business,” Czahor told Mashable. “I just didn’t think i would strike out so soon, and in that way.”

Now the app named ‘Clear’ is able to identify offensive or embracing posts with a specific keyword based algorithm like profanity. It also doesn’t allow posting anything that mention a gender group like gay or women. Czahor argues any reference of groups is anywhere you’re probable to exchange views in generalizations and typecasts.

“Whether it’s good or bad, you should probably take a second look at it,” he says.

IBM’s Watson also uses sentimentality examination system, emphasizing posts it detects as using mostly unwanted words. The app then deliver its great services depend on the score to see how many posts flagged.

The app follow the user reviews on the post and delete the offensive content, this app makes your work easier with shortcuts. The developer of that apps stated Clear is still in progress, so it needs several amendments and the accuracy of the app will be improved over time.

Excitingly, the app is able to highlight tweets with protests about particular products, that you did years ago but you didn’t delete that one. So this app would be an awesome addition in your social media journey to Delete Your Embarrassing Posts from Social Media.


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