Confirmed Features of the new iPhone 6 and iWatch

Confirmed Features of the new iPhone 6 and iWatch

With the launch of the new iPhone 6 less than a week away, the rumor mill that has been circulating highly anticipated upcoming device has been in full swing. However, as with any pending launch, many of those rumors that enthusiasts have been clinging to as truth are starting to turn out to be true. Now, most releases are simply fact and a few factoids surrounding the upcoming iPhone 6 and its accompanying device the iWatch, are quite interesting.

As most know, the iPhone 6 will come in two standard sizes. A 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch, the latter designed to compete with the steadily growing and popular phablet market. However, something that is unique so far to the iPhone 6 alone is the feature calling itself “one-handed mode.”


The iPhone 6 will, upon activating “one-handed mode”, reorient its app layout and system keyboard so that it can be freely used with one hand in manner much easier than is possible right now. Though right now details surrounding “one-handed mode” are thin, it is apparent that the increase in size of the screens necessitated the upcoming mode on the new device. Always trying to increase productivity and ergonomics, Apple is likely to start a trend with this mode as they have in the past with over features such as Siri.

Up next is the response Apple has to the new, but steadily growing, demand of the wearable device. As written here at before, the Wearable is becoming more and more popular. Android has offered up the Android Wear design that seamless integrates with the latest version of the Android operating system KitKat. The watches are sleek and stylish and come in a wide variety of looks that can all be customized. Never one to stay behind in the market, Apple is slated to debut the iWatch on the September 9th unveiling of the iPhone 6.


The iWatch is, upon first look, no different than most other wearable devices. However, a few features of the upcoming device are set to make it stand apart. The display is made with the same Sapphire glass panel as the iPhone 6, however unlike any other wearable on the market, the iWatch features a flexible display to allow the product to fit smoothly onto the wearer’s arm. Don’t look to be able to fold the display, but the flex design is an indicator, along with the upcoming Galaxy Edge, of where the world of curved and bendable displays are going. Armed with the typical health capabilities, though ones that Apple claims are much more accurate that current fitness devices on the market, and seamless integration with iOS8 and even likely the ability to share SMS between the device and your mobile, the iWatch is shaping up to be the proper response to the race of the wearable in which Android has seemingly gotten a head start.

Look for both devices, along with its paired iOS 8, to be debuted in Apple’s press conference this coming September 9th, though no release date for the iWatch has been slated just yet.


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