How to create effective mobile email campaigns

How to create effective mobile email campaigns

Email mobile marketing has increased in recent years because millions of customers are viewing our messages while on the move every day, which means we must use email formats and content to meet expectations. As we can see, desktop computers aren´t the mail tool for reading emails.

In order to present messages in the best way possible, email platforms are able to create campaigns for mobile. In this article, we´ll explain some tips that help to open, click and convert email marketing campaigns on mobile devices.

1.  Think as a mobile user and create mobile friendly emails using appropriate templates

It´s necessary to adopt simple but effective mobile strategies if you want to increase your subscriber lists and revenue.  All links that are in your email must be mobile-ready.

According to large agencies like , subscribers hate being sent to a website not designed for mobile devices. If you want to maximize your open and click-through rates your email campaigns must be visualized perfectly in every different environment.

Obviously, the first step to building an email mobile marketing campaign is to choose an email template designed to look great across every mobile device. Actions like to short headers or large text must be taken to create good mobile emails. The mobile email formatting guidelines that we must keep in mind are:

-Email width: 400-550 pixels.

-Call to action image: 40×540 pixels.

-User larger font sizes: for headlines 20-24 pixels and for body text 16 pixels.

It´s important to avoid fancy layouts and show our message short because subscribers hate spending too much time reading emails. Subscribers just scan every email that they receive and decide in few seconds if they will click on it or not.

Maybe, you can ask to yourself, how can I do this? Firstly, you must use a template that is already optimized for mobile devices. Furthermore, many people use a qualified web developer to code responsive emails templates or any email platform.

2. Capture user´s attention writing short subject lines and compelling preheader texts

The reality is that when we have to write subject lines for emails we have less real estate to play with on a mobile device than on a desktop computer.  It means that we should write our subject line using less than 30 characters, so it must be concise and compelling to motivate our audience to open our emails.

Choosing the right subject line is fundamental for getting our messages to clients and prospective clients. Subject lines should be short, concise and personalized because people are more likely to ignore emails with long subject lines. The first thing that user sees is the subject line,  so it must capture the reader´s attention.

In many cases, the subject line is written with dark colors or red to be highlighted among the rest of the email. Other aspect that we must pay attention is the preheader, which is the short summary text that follows the subject line.  Preheader texts are extremely important for subscribers and usually make emails be opened or not.

3. Write a great “from” name and track user email usage

The “From” name in your email must catch the subscriber´s attention and indicate that you are a reliable resource. You need to consider the number of characters (less than 23) that you should include in your from name. Finally, remember that the key of any from name is matching it up with our subscribers´ expectations.

Different sites, like Mailrelay for example, are useful tools for tracking email usage because they help us for learning our target audience´s behavior.

Following these tips provided, you will create effective mobile email campaigns and you will see many improvements in your email marketing results.


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