Decals, Wraps, And Skins — Why They Should Be On Your iPhone

Decals, Wraps, And Skins — Why They Should Be On Your iPhone

Were you one of the lucky ones to pre-order your Jet Black iPhone 7, or did you have to wait with the rest of the plebes for it to hit shelves? Either way, now that you’ve gotten a feel for your brand new mobile, you may have realized your mistake: the Jet Black finish picks up every scuff, scrape, and fingerprint in glaring detail. In less than 2 months, you’ve managed to turn the shiny 7 into a beaten up hunk of plastic. Embarrassing, isn’t it? At least everyone else with the Jet Black 7 has the exact same problem — unless, of course, they were smart enough to cover theirs in a skin.

A skin is a vinyl covering that affixes to the aluminum of the iPhone in much the same way as a sticker. But don’t worry. They come without stickers’ typical sticky backing. Skins (or wraps) aren’t made with indestructible glue that makes it impossible to remove without leaving behind pieces or ruining the device underneath. Manufacturers like dbrand use 3M vinyl that clings effortlessly to the body of the gadget without the need for messy adhesives. Powerful enough to stay on tight whatever you and your 7 get up to iPhone 7 skins and wraps from dbrand are easy to remove. All you have to do is peel it off, and your mobile is ready to go uncovered — or ready for the next wrap.

Good thing, too, because you’ll probably get more than one skin. iPhone 7 wraps come 2 distinct pieces and each section can take on a different color or finish. You’ve got an astounding number of combinations to choose from, and you may have trouble deciding your favorite. Since they’re so easy to remove, you can afford to get two or three and switch between them as the mood arises.

Though it’s easy to get caught up in zebra wood and concrete, the texture of your wrap isn’t your only priority. Fit is by far the most important feature. As you customize your iPhone 7 skin, make sure it comes with a precision cut measured in micro-millimeters. Don’t settle for a skin made for the last generation. Though on the surface the 6 and 7 may look similar, they differ in enough subtle ways that would make sharing a wrap impossible. An accurate cut means it can cover every newly designed bend, bezel, and button without leaving parts unprotected.

The Jet Black cuts an impressive figure in its ads, but there’s no way to retain its glossy good looks in real life. It simply doesn’t withstand the scratch test. The polished finish highlights every scrape and scratch while showing off every single touch of your finger. Hide away those cosmetic nightmares with precision cut iPhone 7 wrap. It’ll conceal all of the damage you’ve managed to collect in these 2 short months and prevent any more from happening.



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