Delay In Dealing With Tech Debt Makes Repayment Harder And Expensive

Delay In Dealing With Tech Debt Makes Repayment Harder And Expensive

Delay In Dealing With Tech Debt Makes Repayment Harder And Expensive

The more time you take in repaying the existing tech debt in your code base, harder and more expensive, it becomes to pay back or fix the problem with the code. Expenses may be in terms of time, effort money and resources as well. It is like choosing to pay less now or to pay much more later on. If you give enough spare time to your development team to refactor codes will be free from bugs and therefore function properly for a long time. It is easy for a team to identify, clean and fix a code it is young and written recently.

Repayment Is Essential

There is no other way to deal with tech debt apart from repaying it with interest and that too on time. The more you procrastinate, the bugs get lost deeper inside the code making it very difficult to fix if not impossible. It becomes all the more difficult if the code base is a long one having thousands of lines of programming in it. Therefore, paying down or remediating bad code is essential. You should address all the questionable decisions of designing code, test all the codes which need testing and are released without testing as well. Apart from that development teams should also rectify all the shortcoming in the code infrastructure which is affecting the functioning of the code base.

Similarity To Financial Debts  

There are a lot of similarities in the attributes of tech debt with financial debt in the real world. In both the cases the loan becomes due and needs to be paid, otherwise, in the case of a software company, things start to fall out of places. Just like financial debt fetches interest and penalties due to non-payment, tech debt also accrues interest. If you do not make the payment, your financial health is jeopardized, and you have to take larger loan amount to clear the existing ones. Similarly, tech debt also needs to be prioritized and paid back on time to maintain the health of your software company.

Variety Of Categories   

There are different categories in which tech debt can be classified. Any code that has convoluted design and is written poorly with hard coded elements will result in code debt. On the other had if there are few abstractions or questionable model of component it will mean there will be a lack of separation of concerns resulting in architectural or design debt. API debt is non-granular, slow responsive poorly structured codes which quality debt is a result of lack of testing. Click here to know more about such types.

Debt Affects Functionality

Whatever be the type of tech debt, it is bound to affect the functionality of the code base. It will be not easily scalable, and deployment will be sloppy. Your team will have unfocused unethical code designing practices which will result in unrealistic plans of data recovery and much more. Good development teams will always retrospect on the situation to discuss issues freely across teams and find proper remedial measures so that you know what to retain and what to discard.








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