Different types of casino games you can play on Mobile

Different types of casino games you can play on Mobile

Casino houses gambling activities, over this past decade, the casino began exploring both online and mobile platforms. Traditional casinos are built near restaurants, near or in 5-star hotels, cruise ships etc. Earlier, you must visit a Casino to play casino games. But, with a rise in the internet, online casinos have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Online Casinos allow users to play in both mobile and computer. With mobile casinos, you can play casino games and gamble in comfort. You don’t need to travel miles to gamble or play. You can access your game from anywhere in the world. Playing on a mobile is similar to playing in a casino. You can bet money and win here and get all rewards similar to land-based casinos. 

Mobile Casino

Playing in mobile is even better, why? You must be wondering. You don’t have to get dressed or leave your house to actually have fun. Call your friends over and play these games while having conversations and enjoying your evenings, without any noise. You would not be disappointed with the variety of games mobile casinos offer. You can switch and explore as many games as you wish. There are many mobile casino apps that allow users to place the best sports bets, which may provide huge payout and bonuses.

A mobile casino is more diverse and there are many games that may interest you in each category. There are many free games available too. Users will have access to free credits, bonuses, loyalty points etc. Many prefer casinos because they allow users to earn and have fun simultaneously. And mobile casino intensifies this experience for users, with few clicks of your mouse you can try and play different games. They even launch new games frequently keeping their users interested. 

Here are a few casino games you can play on mobile.


Slots is a common game you would find in a mobile casino, it is both fun and interesting. Slots are everybody’s favourite. They have been around for years, with time they have also evolved. Slots started off as three-wheel versions now there are machines with 5 or more reels. Mobile slots are as fun as real slots in a casino. Slot machines use a random number generator to generate numbers. 

There are different types of slot machines such as 

    • Classic Slots 
    • Fruit Machines
    • 3D Slots
    • Progressive Slots
    • Video Slots
    • 3,5,7 Reel Machines
  • Pokies etc

Table Games

Table games are games played on a table and they are operated by one or more poker dealers. Playing table games on the mobile is beneficial because you can receive offers on more than one games and there are many variants available for a single game. For example, if a user plays Roulette in a casino they can only play one version of the game. But in the mobile casino, they can play different variants of this game like American, French and European. 

Roulette is considered as the king of casino games as the winning depends completely on pure chance. Table games involve all card games and dice games. Mobile casinos offer huge cash paying games and games offering bonus payouts or bonus bets. Some of the table games in the mobile casino are

    • BlackJack
    • Baccarat
    • Pai gow poker
    • Craps
  • Roulette

Video Poker

Video poker can be considered as one of the popular casino game in mobile. Payout Percentages are what make this game popular, they are as high as 99.92%. It is the most player-friendly game in the mobile casino. It depends on the player’s skill to earn the expected returns. It is a version of the regular five-card game. There are chances of winning big with a low house edge in this game. Most mobile casinos have more than 10 different poker game versions. Some of them are exclusive to that particular casino app, whereas some of them are found everywhere. 


Keno is the game for risk takers. This number predicting game has poor odds but it also has high wins. It is a lottery-bingo hybrid game, where the user chooses numbers in a hope that they would be drawn. The expected returns for this game is around 92%. Keno has a jackpot for players who have all their numbers drawn. 

Playing Keno on mobile is nice because you don’t have to move anywhere for playing it and there will be no interaction with casino staff. Cool, right? Keno provides users with a chance to turn their small stake into huge wins. Payouts are higher compared to land-based casinos and there are many other benefits users can receive in mobile casino.


The mobile casino is gaining huge popularity as they allow users to play casino games from anywhere at any time. They have different variations for traditional games available in the casinos. Based on the mobile app you choose there are various benefits such as bonus payouts, free spins etc offered. A user will get a chance to play different variations of a single game. 

You are not obligated to interact with other players or staff while playing mobile casino allowing you to concentrate on your game and win. Mobile casinos also offer bonuses when you deposit. All you need to do is log-in to your account and you’re all set to play the casino games you like, right in the comfort of your house.


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