Different Types of Mobile Apps By Industry and Functionality

Different Types of Mobile Apps By Industry and Functionality

A mobile application is a product application grew particularly for use on wireless and small computing devices, for example, cell phones and tablets, as opposed to work area or PCs.

Mobile applications are composed of a thought for the constraints and demands of the devices and furthermore to exploit any particular capabilities they have. A gaming application, for instance, may exploit the iPhone’s accelerometer- a feature included for measuring the acceleration of a vibrating body.

Mobile applications are in some cases classified by whether they are online or local applications, which are made particularly for a given platform. A third class, crossover applications, joins components of both local and Web applications. As the advances develop, it’s normal that mobile app improvement endeavors will center around the making of browser-based, device-friendly Web applications.

Most of the app developers are doing their best to design applications that reach the expectation of present technology demands. There are a variety of apps that involve different categories dealing with the user general habits and interests. App developers introduced many different categorized applications which suit different age groups and their interests.

There are many types of devices and with different operating systems available so far. The two important operating systems are iOS and Android. They provide a different set of applications which may sometime be in common.

Take a look into the following categories of applications that are used by many people these days:

  1. Tracking apps

Cell Phone tracker app usually are meant for children and in the case when a cell phone is lost. These apps generally restrict incoming calls, block certain contacts to avoid any spyware happening from their devices.

There are many tracking devices available in the market both for iOS and Android operating system devices with many keylogging functionalities.

For example, if the younger ones unknowingly call someone, send some messages and photos. For avoiding these unnecessary actions to happen there are a few applications like- mSpy and Mobile Spy are helpful in tracking and recording their younger one’s activities using GPS and other features that are included in the device by default.

  1. Gaming apps

These applications are basically meant for entertainment and gaming category. They are available in a wide range. These applications are famous among other apps and people like to use them daily, weekly.

Frequent users of gaming applications are children and teenagers.

In several unbeaten games, both the length and frequency of play is tremendous. These games became an addictive poison in recent day users.

They usually offer incentives to the users who certainly use them daily.

There are different types of games categories like fiction games, puzzle games, kids games, girl games, Racing games and more. A few examples of gaming apps are- Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, 2024 and so on.

  1. Social media related apps

Online networking applications are probably the most well-known kinds of mobile applications accessible these days. Many organizations construct these informal apps, and a large portion of employees check in with them consistently.

Normally, Social media apps usually ask for sign-ins. Online networking applications have a fabulous time, quick, and constantly incorporating the extending highlights of the interpersonal organizations they bolster.

The present society shares more about their everyday lives than at any time in recent memory. Therefore, even applications that don’t really fall under the web-based social networking class might need to incorporate social sharing usefulness.

Numerous different applications enable to share any product, score, or news things with the social networking apps. They make it simple for their clients to share something they feel enthusiastic about without leaving the application.

If a user is running a business and has an app regarding their service or product. It is recommended to link social sharing apps into that so as to increase the traffic in terms of likes, comments, tweets and links that are gained from the audience. This usefulness will hold your user returning to share over and over while contrasting and their systems.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp are a few social sharing applications used frequently by many people.

  1. Travel apps

Travel application’s target is 100% fresh and clear, as the title itself recommends that making an user travel less demanding, more agreeable, fun and instructive. Some of them transform the cell phone into a general travel journal, some can actually manage through the obscure destinations abroad using maps, some give interpretation help. That is the reason the majority of the present travelers are most-known and are tech-savvy.

Goibibo, Paytm, Hopper, Uber are a few examples for travel apps.

  1. Educational apps

Most of the user today are addicted to playing games, communicating with friends for getting fresh news and there are also a few useful applications for learning. Especially, kids can find numerous apps for learning, teaching with different size and color on Play store and App Store. But in this area, there is a way for improvement and for encouraging new ideas. BY JYS, Brainly, Google News are a few examples of educational apps.

  1. Information and news apps

Information applications include all kind of data like files, notes, stories etc, which is related to the organization or for an individual. Companies have to maintain this app because it includes everything whatever employees need. Instead of using many other unwanted apps, this will be the best thing to maintain the data. It is used to show a complete picture of the data by exploring all the relevant information including news and history in one place. The user should generally have some knowledge of using these apps.

Kindle, Newshunt are a few examples of informational applications.


With all the information provided, one can have a deep analysis on what type of apps to use for different use cases that are considered in the daily routine. Apart from the above, there are some more apps that are still under construction and many of them are used in different parts of the world irrespective of language.


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